What Happened: Inside The Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Scott Mcclellan

Narrated By: Scott Mcclellan

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: June 2008

Duration: 12 hours 29 minutes


Scott McClellan belonged to Bush's select inner circle of trusted advisers during one of the most challenging and contentious periods of recent history. Over a period of more than seven years, he witnessed day-to-day exactly how the Presidency veered off course: not only by its decision to topple Saddam Hussein, but by an embrace of confrontational politics in the face of an increasingly partisan Washington and hostile media.

In this refreshingly clear-eyed book, McClellan provides unique perspective on what happened and why it happened the way it did, including the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, and two hotly-contested presidential campaigns. He gives readers a candid look into who George W. Bush is and what he believes, and explores the lessons this Presidency offers the American people as we prepare to elect a new leader.

"The former press secretary of President Bush (No. 43 version) empties out his notebooks, and all of Washington will be holding its breath."-Seattle Times


  • Anonymous

    George W. Bush's ultimately disIllusioned press secretary presents an insider's view of how the Bush Presidency went wrong, confirming what many believed about the misrepresentations, distortions and hidden agendas concerning the war in Iraq, the outing of Valerie Plane, and other administration halllmarks, including the behind the scenes influence of Karl Rove and Dick Chaney.