Wrath of Betty

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Steven Erikson

Narrated By: MacLeod Andrews

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: November 2016

Duration: 8 hours 56 minutes


Hadrian: "Space . . . it's not all fun and games, you know. Well, maybe it is. Let's ask my estimable helm officer, Lieutenant Jocelyn Sticks, shall we?"

Jocelyn: "So it's like, he says, 'go there,' and it's like . . . easy, right? Because that's what the helm officer does, okay? And then it's like, we're there. And then there's these guys-aliens, you know? And they're like, 'We're going to destroy the universe,' and the captain he's, you know, yeah right. Over my dead body and stuff like that, and his expression, it's . . . well, like this, okay? But then we go back into the past, 'cause like, we have to save the Earth again! I mean, it's like all we ever do! Saving the Earth! Saving the galaxy! Saving the universe! And then aliens again. The captain just, like, punches them. In the face. And woah, the universe is saved!"

Join our motley crew on board the starship Willful Child for a series of devil-may-care, near-calamitous, and downright-chaotic adventures through "the infinite vastness of interstellar space."

The New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Malazan Book of the Fallen series has taken his lifelong passion for Star Trek and transformed it into a smart, inventive, and hugely entertaining spoof on the whole mankind-exploring-space-for-the-good-of-all-species-but-trashing-stuff-with-a-lot- of-high-tech-gadgets-along-the-way overblown adventure.


Wrath of Betty

by Steven Erikson

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Wrath of Betty, Steven Erikson