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Book Rating (71)

Narrator Rating (13)

Zane's The Other Side of the Pillow

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Zane

Narrated By: Bridge Carpenter

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: August 2014

Duration: 8 hours 24 minutes


Jemistry Daniels is a bitter woman and not trying to hide it. Even though she is beautiful, intelligent and makes six figures a year as a high school principal in Washington, D.C., one man after another has failed her. So she decides to give up and join the party by adapting the entire "friends with benefits" mentality with a couple of men that she beds on the regular but refuses to hold any kind of real conversation with, in fear that she might actually catch feelings.

Everything is going according to plan until she meets Dr. Tevin Harris, a prominent vascular surgeon, one night at a poetry slam. Tevin listens to her deliver her male-bashing poem and instead of steering away from her like most men with any common sense would do, he asks her out. Tevin has been casually dating for years, ever since his failed marriage to Estella. They had suffered several miscarriages and the emotional pain had become too much for either one of them to bear and still wake up with each other every morning.

Opening up, gaining trust, tearing down barriers, and ultimately, having the audacity to love again is not easy for either Jemistry or Tevin. It takes a lot of transparency, emotional honesty and patience to even begin to build a life together by helping each other to "rebuild" what has been broken. The Other Side of the Pillow examines, explores, and exposes what it means to truly fall in love. It proves that true love stories do not have a happy ending. True love stories never end at all.


  • Jonathan West

    Zane, did her thing in this book. Everything you want in a Urban Drama, and true romance. just straight forward from a professional woman mind, if you having trouble understanding professional Black women, this book will open your mind. Love it and I wish she do the movie for it.

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  • Monica S.

    This book was great! I listened to it on my commute to work and I couldn't wait to get back in the car to listen to what happened next. I liked that it had views from both perspectives and the narration was good.

  • Arminuar B

    Very explicit, but a great storyline. For mature audiences only!

  • Lynette L

    The book was very predictable. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. The narration was horrible. "Gemestry" sounded mad all the time and the person reading for "Floyd" sounded corny. Overall, very disappointing. I'm usually a Zane fan, but this was a miss.

  • April W

    Very Good book!

  • shyra Williams

    Great book and great readers!

  • Abbey Girl

    I love this book!

  • Unknown Unknown

    A wonderful and intuitive book on how one man can change your perspective of how real love can Feel after being hurt.