Audiobook Clubs

Listen all you want!

Now you can use your monthly credit to either:

Access one of over 375,000 great audiobooks just as you always have


Join one of 8 Audiobook Clubs for 30 days of unlimited listening to thousands of best-selling and classic audiobooks.

How the clubs work


Explore titles in any of these 8 Audiobook Clubs: "Best of" Audiobook Club, Romance, Mystery & Thriller, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Health & Wellness, Business & Economics, Kids, Religion & Spirituality.



Choose which Club you want to redeem your monthly membership credit towards. Just one credit gets you 30 days of unlimited listening to the audiobooks in your Club of choice!



Start binge listening to the hundreds of audiobooks in your chosen Audiobook Club. You have 30 days to listen as much as you want, so take advantage of all the bestsellers, classics and hidden gems your Club has to offer.



Once your 30 days of unlimited access expires, you choose how to spend your next credit. You can renew your unlimited access to the same Audiobook Club, try a different genre by selecting another Club, or use your monthly credit as normal to choose from our selection of more than 375,000 audiobooks.

Select your audiobook club
"Best of" Audiobook Clubs
Romance Audiobook Club
Mystery & Thriller Audiobook Club
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Audiobook Club
Health & Wellness Audiobook Club
Business & Economics Audiobook Club
Kids Audiobook Club
Religion & Spirituality Audiobook Club
How are Audiobook Clubs different from my regular subscription?

While your regular membership entitles you to one book every month that you can keep forever (plus an extra VIP book), Audiobook Clubs give you access to all of the audiobooks in your selected club for 30 days.

You can choose whether to use your monthly credit on a single premium title or on access to a Club. Want the best of both worlds? Do both! After all, you can purchase additional credits any time!

I already used my monthly credit to purchase an audiobook, but I still want access to one of the amazing Audiobook Clubs. What do I do?

Don't worry! You can top up your account by purchasing additional credits any time! So go on, select the Audiobook Club you want to access and join one of the coolest Audiobook Clubs around.

What kind of audiobooks can I listen to with Audiobook Clubs?

It's entirely your choice! Simply select from one of our Audiobook Clubs - The "Best Of" Audiobook Clubs, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery & Thriller, Religion & Spirituality, Kids, Business & Economics, and Health & Wellness - and start binge listening today!

I've already joined an Audiobook Club, but I'd like to try out a different Club, what do I do?

You can unlock any one of our Audiobook Clubs for 30 days which will give you access to so many audiobooks that your ears will have their work cut out for them! Once your 30 days of access to the club of your choice ends, you can choose whether to try a different club or return to our awesome 2 audiobooks per month regular membership.

What happens to the audiobooks in my Audiobook Club after 30 days?

After access to your Audiobook Club expires, you can choose to rejoin it for another 30 days for extended access to all the books in your club, try out a whole new Audiobook Club for another 30 days of binge listening, or return to the awesomeness of your regular 2 books per month subscription.

But don't forget, you always have the option to purchase additional credits which you can use to add any of the club's audiobooks to your library and own it forever.

I just tried out the Audiobook Clubs for 30 days, what happens now?

After you've enjoyed your month of listening to tons of audiobooks in your Audiobook Club you have so many options! You can:

  • - Use your credit to rejoin the same Audiobook Club and continue binge listening to your favorite audiobooks.
  • - Use your credit to join a different club.
  • - Return to the awesomeness of your regular 2 books per month subscription.
  • - Use your credit to “purchase” any audiobook through the website, and own it forever.
What happens if I accidentally selected the wrong Audiobook Clubs?

Not to worry! If you accidentally used your credit to join the wrong Audiobook Club, we can fix that. Simply reach out to our Customer Service and they can help you out.

Click here for our Customer Service’s contact information.

Look for this symbol

Audiobook Clubs

This means that the audiobook is part of one of our Audiobook Clubs.

If you've already joined a Club, look for this symbol

My Audiobook Club

This means that you already have access to this audiobook and can start listening right away!