The Last Summer Sister

By Rachel Cullen


The Summer sisters don't have much in common other than shared DNA. But when their father's untimely death reveals an earth-shattering secret, everything they thought they knew about their family-and their future-changes overnight.

Jen spent her childhood feeling like the ugly duckling, while Lynn longed to be appreciated for something other than her looks. Jen still hasn't forgiven Lynn for fleeing to California to follow her dreams, leaving Jen to tend to their father and the family insurance business. Meanwhile, Lynn is living in exile in Los Angeles, forced to endure the pain of her humiliating divorce in silence because she is too ashamed to reveal her mistakes.

As the youngest of the trio, Courtney's life is also turned upside down due to her father's death, only for an entirely different reason; Courtney didn't even know he existed until after he was gone. Now she has to figure out what life looks like with two older sisters who can't stand each other while attempting to piece together her fractured youth.

Only time will tell if the bonds of sisterhood are strong enough to mend past transgressions or if the sisters, and their secrets, will destroy the Summer family forever.

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The Last Summer Sister

by Rachel Cullen

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The Last Summer Sister, Rachel Cullen