The 10-Second Internet Manager: Survive, Thrive, and Drive Your Company in the Information Age

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Mark Breier

Narrated By: Mark Breier

Publisher: Random House (Audio)

Date: September 2000

Duration: 3 hours 58 minutes


All managers today are Internet managers, whether they're ready to admit it or not.  It doesn't matter if their business is large or small, old economy or new. In a faster, electronic, and more direct economy, every manager needs help. And here it is. The 10-Second Internet Manager offers quick, no-nonsense tips, tactics, and strategies for succeeding fast in the Internet age from Mark Breier, an on-line expert willing to share the practical lessons he learned as an executive on the front lines of the e-commerce wars.

The 10-Second Internet Manager will show you how to improve productivity and accelerate growth. You'll learn how to use e-mail to keep everyone connected (and when to get up from your desk and go have a talk); how to use the Internet to get a quick customer response to your product, your plan, or even your business model; how to build teams now and how to make sure they're moving forward instead of just around; and how to make effective meetings produce results that contribute to your bottom line.

Best of all, Breier offers proven methods for finding, hiring, and keeping the best and fastest employees -- the ones who can make or break a manager's efforts. And, for all those folks who are jumping into the deep end of the pool -- launching their own dot-com ventures -- Breier even offers advice on the care and feeding of venture capitalists and the joys of 24/7 exhaustion.

The One-Minute Manager changed the world by showing managers how to get the most out of a minute. But in an Internet-speed economy, who has a minute to spare? The 10-Second Internet Manager shows you how to launch your team or your company into the Internet age.


  • Mac

    Horrible dated book, this book is so dated and the information it provides so lacking in depth that it is truly a waste of time to listen to. The author has one of the largest egos out there has so little talent that the business he lead (and uses for many of the examples) is no longer in business (and went out of business shortly after the book was published)

  • Anonymous

    Its a good book, with good lessons - however,it is an old book - written in 2000 - for the internet, this is just too much time - too many things have changed since then, so many of the players mentioned and the events and just history. But I enjoyed it.

  • Anonymous

    Some great ideas about running a fast paced business. How to control departments, how to handle email, meetings and many other tips. I'm going to use them in my business. A good book.

  • John Kelsey

    For all those interested in internet management, read this book as a history lesson on how not to repeat the mistakes of the author. This book is an ironic glimpse into the heady go-go days of the internet boom and culture. It's hard to believe this book was written only seven years ago. Looking back, it really is quite laughable.

  • Ben

    It was interesting, giving you a behind-the-scenes look into how many dot coms operated, and their speed and methods of doing business. Listening to their business practices and using common sense you can weed through the parts that led to the demise of the author's company, and things you should avoid for your own eBusiness. Some great advice includes e-mail management, tips for effective meetings, and using e-mail for more efficient and honest communication within the company. About the author's voice, he speaks way too fast, but at least it's not boring and monotone as other authors.

  • Anonymous

    He (or the publisher) should have followed his own advice and done it in two CD's

  • Dave Jackson

    This guy need serious help. It is all about being efficient, but he constantly talks about ways they kept things light by playing games in the hallways, etc. He had some good ideas about running meetings. Some of his time saving advice was the most ANAL stuff I've ever heard (ways to save SECONDS every day). I'd hate to be his wife as I'm sure foreplay was scheduled weeks in advance. Nothing but a giant commercial for Mark should look into the phrase "Decaf." He is seriously wired tight.

  • Jay Freddings

    I enjoyed a lot of the simplicity of the One Minute Manager, and was looking forward to listening to something similar that was specific to the Internet. Sadly, I was expecting too much. I lost count how many times he mentioned the fact that he was the CEO of -- a relic in the dot-bomb dustbin -- or that he was the VP of Marketing with Amazon. Enough, we get it, you've got cred -- now get on with the book already. Except even the "sage" advice he dispenses is asinine. "If you have 10 seconds, you have time to check your email, redesign a product line, and interview 14 job candidates who want to be just like me, Mark Breier, former VP of Marketing at Amazon and CEO of" Ugh. Please, if I have 10 seconds free in a busy day, I'm going to hit the can and rejoice the fact that I have some free time to relieve myself. Do yourself a favor -- keep the several hours of your life you might otherwise see go the way of

  • Daniel Burbol

    Just recommended it to a friend. It’s primarily about streamlining everything you do in you normal work day so you’re moving at light speed. I also didn't know until I started reading the book, Mark Breier used to work at and is now working at So it's not a bunch of babbling... it's real world, proven experience in book form. I'm Glad I "read" it, and would concider picking up a copy to read again in the future.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was a good easy listen. It is true to its word with quick tips and tactics for you to use. Some of the advice is obvious, but good none the less. Give it a try it is worth the read.

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