101 Things You Should Do Before Going to Heaven

Written by:
David Bordon , Tom Winters
Narrated by:
Peter Coleman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2016
3 hours 34 minutes
Life on earth is an adventure--so don't miss it! This book will inspire you with 101 new ways to savor each moment God has given you. Are you living every day to the fullest? It can be hard to find fresh ways to explore the world, but now you have 101 reasons to look up from your phone and get busy living. With a range of creative suggestions including plain-and-simple fun ways to spend a day and inspirational ideas designed to help you get to know yourself--and God--better, you'll never have to be bored again. So get off the couch, expand your horizons, and begin to appreciate God's creation in ways you never imagined.
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