12 Unicorns In My Bedroom

12 Unicorns In My Bedroom

Written by:
Dorothy Dowling
Narrated by:
Ellie Littlechild
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
0 hours 7 minutes
Livvy doesn’t know it, but she’s about to have an extraordinary morning. Twelve very unusual visitors have turned up in her bedroom...... Unicorns!

How magical, you say. Well, yes - if only they didn’t announce themselves in such a distinctly unmagical way…

Sure, the puffs of glitter are very pretty, but unicorn farts are as stinky as anyone else’s – maybe even worse. And their wild behaviour is another problem; these unicorns want to party! Before very long, they’ve created complete chaos in Livvy’s room with their prancing and dancing, cheering and rearing, twirling and twerking and tooting!

Floss, Duke, Fancy, Priscilla, Kevin, Lancelot and their friends don’t see the problem; they’re only fun-loving unicorns, after all. But the clock is ticking, and in just a few minutes Livvy’s mother is coming to check that she’s tidied her room before school.

Written in musical, inventive rhyme, this highly engaging illustrated storybook will get any early reader giggling at these loveable unicorn antics. With a sprinkling of sparkles and a big helping of humour, the magical mayhem will entrance 5- to 8-year-olds everywhere.

Find out how Livvy deals with her unicorn invasion. Bring your own glitter!
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