2 Sisters Detective Agency

Narrated by:
Mela Lee , Peter Giles

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
8 hours 38 minutes
From the world's #1 bestselling author comes a thrilling novel where a detective duo of sisters finds themselves in the crosshairs of a dangerous and lawless group.

Attorney Rhonda Bird returns home after a long estrangement when she learns her father has died. There she makes two important discoveries: her father stopped being an accountant and had opened up a private detective agency, and she has a teenage half sister named Baby. Baby brings in a client to the detective agency, a young man who claims he was abducted. During the course of the investigation, Rhonda and Baby become entangled in a dangerous case involving a group of overprivileged young adults who break laws for fun, their psychopath ringleader, and an ex-assassin victim who decides to hunt them down for revenge.
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Ron P.

Fast moving and interestingly different. A little out there but gives an idea of what some adolescents could think and be like if they believed that money could manage any trouble they got into. at the same time hilarious and Rhonda is a great character along with her sister Baby!! I really enjoyed it and hope that it will become a successful series.

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Vanessa B.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat it had me wanting more and more. The two narrators were superb.

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Didn’t finish the book, blown away by all the fat shaming in the book. Like a motel would really turn a paying customer away because someone weighing 260 pounds would break furniture?

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Sherry Palmer

Loved this book! Great characters-hope to see more books featuring them! Narration was good too-not annoying like some

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