25 Fun Adventure Songs

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2013
1 hour 6 minutes
This collection of 25 learning songs introduces kids to the science of space, animals, insects, weather, chemistry, physics, dinosaurs and more! This album has a ton of different types of content and is great for a general learning experience! This album includes songs from several different albums in order to give a more broad sense of learning!
Track List:
1. When I Grow Up
2. Many Jobs To Choose from
3. I'm Feeling Light As A Feather
4. It's The Dolphin Symphony
5. Blue Whale, Blue Whale
6. I Need A Sponge To Take A Bath
7. Ants In My Pants
8. What Is An Insect?
9. What Does A Meteorologist Do?
10. I See An Elephant In The Sky
11. Koalas Are Not Bears
12. If Only I Could Leave My Shell
13. There Are Four Seasons
14. It's Called Chemistry
15. Be Responsible!
16. Let's Go On A Dinosaurs Dig
17. What Color Were The Dinosaurs?
18. Can You Name These Sounds?
19. The Sun Is So Important
20. The Weather's Always Changing
21. Save The Sea Turtles
22. I'm Not A Dinosaur
23. What Are Amphibians?
24. Space Colonies
25. It's Called Cooperation
Runtime: 65:38:00
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