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Book Rating (367)

Narrator Rating (6)

2nd Chance: Booktrack Edition

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA

Date: November 2005

Duration: 8 hours 36 minutes


The sensational killings that have rocked San Francisco appear to be unrelated except in their brutality. But detective Lindsay Boxer senses there's some thread connecting them all. She calls her friends in the Women's Murder Club together to see if they can discover what it is.Working with Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas, Assistant District Attorney Jill Bernhardt, and medical examiner Claire Washburn, Lindsay discovers that there is indeed a link. Each of the victims had a close relative in a particular profession, a profession that sends a chill through Lindsay's heart.The partners in the Women's Murder Club deduce where the killer is likely to strike next and bait a trap that can't be resisted. But if their calculation is wrong, the consequences will be lethal. And there will be no second chance.


  • Jan B.

    It was a good book. I'll read more of these .

  • Michelle M

    Great series, always captivating . Makes you want to read the next book.

  • Amanda S

    So great!

  • Calvin Jones

    Good book, the F word added absolutely NOTHING to the book!

  • RobinC

    I just could not get enthused about this book. While not badly written, the plot was predictable and run of the mill. Maybe it's because I work with smart professional women in an urban setting, but to me these characters were nothing special and not that interesting. Their banter seemed forced and not very realistic. Some reviewers mentioned bad language. Living in a big city, I find the people around me talk like that, so it seemed realistic to me.

  • Glema

    Good story but I could not get past the frequent bad language used. I understand when dealing with serial killer there will be some, but way to much for my liking made me feel very uncomfortable.

  • Majikwoman

    This is a great series of books for light listening. Great stroy lines and an excellent reader. They are all well written books and great to listen to. They will hold your interest for sure and get you involved in the story emotionally.

  • Patti

    I have enjoyed listening to this series. So much that I plan to listen to the Alex Cross series.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good story, but the book as a lot of profanity that is not really needed to tell the story.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the book was great. I never knew Jeremy Piven had such an excellent reading voice, I loved him! The girl did not read as well but was tolerable. Some of the supposed clues Boxer found and times she just so happened to get away were pretty out there and I found myself rolling my eye's once in a while but other than that this was a book I couldn't stop listening to.

2nd Chance: Booktrack Edition

by Andrew Gross, James Patterson

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2nd Chance: Booktrack Edition, Andrew Gross, James Patterson