Written By: Delia Owens

Narrated By: Cassandra Campbell

Date: August 2018

Duration: 12 hours 13 minutes


More than 15 million copies sold worldwide
A Reese’s Book Club Pick
A Business Insider Defining Book of the Decade 

“I can't even express how much I love this book! I didn't want this story to end!”—Reese Witherspoon

“Painfully beautiful.”—The New York Times Book Review

For years, rumors of the “Marsh Girl” have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the North Carolina coast. So in late 1969, when handsome Chase Andrews is found dead, the locals immediately suspect Kya Clark, the so-called Marsh Girl. But Kya is not what they say. Sensitive and intelligent, she has survived for years alone in the marsh that she calls home, finding friends in the gulls and lessons in the sand. Then the time comes when she yearns to be touched and loved. When two young men from town become intrigued by her wild beauty, Kya opens herself to a new life—until the unthinkable happens.

Where the Crawdads Sing is at once an exquisite ode to the natural world, a heartbreaking coming-of-age story, and a surprising tale of possible murder. Owens reminds us that we are forever shaped by the children we once were, and that we are all subject to the beautiful and violent secrets that nature keeps.


  • Tasha B.

    This was one of best books I have read in awhile. it touches you on so many levels. It deals with social isolation, abandonment, resilience of the human spirit and love and loss. I was engaged the whole time and when I wasnt reading found myself thinking about characters and what would happen next. I cant wait to read another book by this author.

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  • Graeme I.

    This was one of the most beautiful stories I have heard for a long time. It was so moving and uplifting - such a poignant story. The narrator brought the book alive if I could give her 6 stars I would. Certainly a book to recommend to those who want a lovely experience.

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  • Linda K.

    This is now in my top 10 all time favorites. It captured my heart on so many levels...crawdads, hermit like existence, wildlife, biology, small town dynamics, love and longing, mystery, and can’t wait for the next page. Also, Cassandra Campbell is an excellent reader, my first audio with her, and I’d pick a new book, just because she’s the reader.

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  • Kennesha C.

    Amazing tale of love and sweet revenge!!! Narrator was amazing ❤️

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  • Tara M.

    The author uses such beautiful words to describe the landscape of the North Carolina coast. Often I felt like I was there in the shed with Kiya. The ending was a complete surprise and I actually hated for the book to be over. Great read!

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  • Jacqui S.

    Best book in forever. Beautifully written and narrated.

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  • Michael B.

    I loved this book. I have listened to a lot of audio books, and it is rare when one captures me right from the start and holds my attention all the way to the last word. This was one of those books that made me want to continue driving to hear more of the story even when I arrived at my destination. And, the characters were very artfully developed. I won't be a spoiler, but the end really surprised me.

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  • Pia T.

    This book is over the top. I loved it and I’m sad I finished. Beautiful descriptions to the point that I could picture all the scenery, the pain and suffering, the love and disappointments..... all of it. The narrator was fantastic. I had a hard time putting it down. The end was a surprise. I recommend this audio to all walks of life! Is there a movie of this??

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  • Nicki C.

    Loved this book. The author must have spent an enormous amount of time learning the flora and fauna of the marsh. Every sentence was so well crafted you could feel the pain of this child and hear the bird calls and the water. Just a wonderful read

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  • Marilyn O.

    This book has become one of my all time favorites. A beautiful story, beautifully narrated.

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  • Maureen L.

    It was ok. Some parts were really beautiful to read about nature. The story itself, I was not impressed with.

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  • Anonymous

    Took me half the book to slowly discover why it was on the “ Best Seller’s “ list ! Slow moving but interesting l the Narrator was terrific with all the different characters accents !!

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  • Anonymous

    I lived this book and got used to the narrator after awhile, although the accents just didn't quite seem to fit and felt they were made up and not authentic. But after the first few chapters it didn't matter and the story made the slight annoyance about the accents go away. All in all well worth the listen.

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  • Carrie B.

    Hands down, the best book that I have read in years.

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  • Nancy K.

    This book is great! I liked it from beginning to end, and can’t stop thinking about it since I finished it. The narrator was very good.

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  • Cynthia M.

    This is a wonderful story and Cassandra Campbell, as always, does it perfect justice.

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  • Joanna J.

    This was not only a fantastic,gripping and lovely book and the narration added so much to feeling fully engrossed in this book.

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  • Susie J.

    Where the Crawdads Sing was one of the best reads. I loved the characters, the story line, and the person reading the story. What a great story, kept my interest through the entire book.

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  • Christine B.

    This was a FABULOUS read. The focus on Nature and the ways of swamp people felt authentic. I fell in love with Kia and her drive to survive. I’d read it again

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  • Rachel R.

    My favorite book I’ve come across in a long time. I was sucked into the main character’s world and became attached to her. I assumed I would spend a couple of weeks on this audiobook, and finished in days. I couldn’t put it away. The narrator is fantastic and did the story justice.

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  • GMac

    This book deserves every accolade it has received and then some. I believe this book was enhanced by the Significant talent of the narrator! I would not have enjoyed reading it in print nearly as much as hearing it performed by this skilled reader. Truly a remarkable experience.

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  • Anonymous

    This is definitely one of my top five books of all time! So good!

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  • Anita L.

    This was the best book I've read in ages. I couldn't wait to get back to it each time I had to put it down.

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  • Amy M.

    Once I started this book I did not want to stop listening to it. Its extremely captivating. A really great book.

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  • Sara D.

    This was a wonderful book, I found myself growing more and more captivated as it progressed. Highly recommend.

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  • Donald F.

    One of the best books I’ve ever listen to recommend it to anybodyof all ages

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  • Lynn O.

    Such a good book. Abuse, abandonment, survival, loss, love betrayal. So many emotions written so beautifully.

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  • Susan G.

    It is a great book. I love the characters. They are each unique. This book will take you on a journey into a life you could never imagine. The narrator did a great job, too. She brought the culture to life.

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  • Lisa Z.

    Hands down the best book i have read in a long time. Has everything you could ever want in a book. Love. Endurance. Murder. Mystery. Suspense. Longing. And the reading of this book with the southern drawl adds so much to the already descriptive and beautiful langue in this book. Cant recommend this book enough.

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  • Bruce R C.

    I was told repeatedly that I had to listen to this book but resisted without reason. But I finally capitulated and experienced one of my favorite books of all time. How a story about abandonment and isolation could be so beautiful is beyond my understanding. The “Marsh Girl” is one of the most endearing characters ever created. This great story was enhanced by a terrific narration. A MUST LISTEN!

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  • Kathy M.

    A captivating and exciting listen! Highly recommend

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  • Anonymous

    Don’t really understand the hype. The narrator was extremely annoying. I’ll remember to never listen to a book when a narrator is voicing all the characters in different accents and voices.

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  • Brooke M.

    Uneventful, very long story about nothing. I kept wait for something to happen, easy read and extremely predictable. Unsure why so highly acclaimed.

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  • GRACE E.

    nice read. felt slow at the beginning, but then couldnt stop playing it

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  • Cathy P.

    A thoroughly engaging story with believable characters of all sorts. Just like real life ... sometimes predictable but more often, not. Highly recommended.

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  • Natalie H.

    For the life of me, I don't understand how people like this book. I found it so slow and I had a tough time really caring about the characters. If you like natural history? This book is for you.

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  • Nick B.

    Well I must admit this book put me in touch with my feminine side, not that there’s anything wrong with that! I guess it was written and read by ladies, and I’m thinking it was meant for ladies to read, but I did enjoy it very much. I’m a sucker for a love story. Yeah I love love.

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  • Anonymous

    A stunning book, from the first words and down to the fabulous ending. I'll never forget Kya, or so many of the other characters. Or cruising through the marsh. Or the days 'lived' there with her as I was absorbed listening to this book. An ode to nature, a psychological exploration, a study in resilience, a murder mystery, and a celebration of a brilliantly strong woman and of love - all in one!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Phuong Tran

    Beautifully written, but the story is really slow. I don't like the narrator voice, took me a while to get used too.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Tammy S.

    A poignant powerful book. I listen while I commute I have teared up for this girl, laughed and clapped for her, and cried for her. Her observant solitude is both breathtaking and heartbreaking. Such a tender soul who lived such a hard life. She is the delicate lacy spiderweb of humankind - strong enough to withstand harshness and essential survival, yet beautifully graceful in her existence. And she rises so far above those who disparage her. It’s also a social statement of a community’s penchant for ostracizing and ignoring the less fortunate among us.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Paul W.

    Excellent book from its beginning to the final sentence I don’t want to say much more. Too many reviewers give away its content Listen to it, you will find yourself deep in the marsh

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  • Stephanie S.

    Loved this book! Relatable, tragic and romantic. Towards the end there is a section I felt dragged on more than needed (the trial). The narrator was generally okay, just her voice is sometimes robotic seeming. Overall a great listen and I will be checking out the authors other books for sure.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Kaila S.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

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  • Brandi S.

    This is a book I would read again. I fell in love with the characters and couldn’t wait to listen everyday.Great story that I wasn’t ready to end.

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  • Donna B.

    Never a disappointing moment; so beautiful and perfectly narrated - this story will stay with me a very long time.

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  • Gail R.

    I loved this book and how deftly the author taught us how we are all part of Mother Nature’s grand plan...

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  • Rebecca G.

    I really enjoyed this book. It was beautifully written and the narration made it easy to really enjoy.

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  • Lisa S.

    Loved this book!

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  • Kristi B.

    Best book I've 'read' in a very long time and the narration was excellent!! Beautiful story. I'll be listening to this again one day

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  • Bryce S.

    I loved the book, it was hard to put down.

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  • Kristi T.

    Great read. Mystery, romance, coming of age....what more could you want? Will definitely listen again. The surprise ending was a big plus! Didn't see that coming!!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Susan R.

    Enjoyed this book alot, loved the characters!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Anonymous

    This book was fantastic!! I was hooked after the first few minutes.

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  • Margie H.

    loved this book. Exceptional development of characters in this story. Great insight into the human psyche . This book will not disappoint the listener!

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  • Gillian W.

    Was a very good book.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Michelle B.

    One of the best books I’ve read in a very long time!! This is a must read!!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Katrina J.

    I truly enjoyed listening to this book and that it had a real ending.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best book I’ve read it the past 10 years. I want to read it again right now! Absolutely fabulous story and the way it unfolds is very intriguing. I could not put it down!

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  • Vickie J.

    I loved this book. I was connected in the first chapter. Well written and narrated.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Margie C.

    I absolutely loved everything about this book! I just finished it and I’m already planning to reread it! Great narration as well.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Don M.

    It kept my interest throughout

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Elizabeth V.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this book so much.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Georgia C.

    This was a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Shaina M.

    This is an amazing book! I could not stop listening! I wasn't so sure if I liked the narrator accent in the beginning, but it gets better as the book progresses! Definitely recommend!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Adrienne R.

    Wonderful story of the human's spirit for perseverance. I couldn't help but fall in love with the marsh girl.

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  • Susan F.

    This is a fantastic book. Highly recommended.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Anonymous

    I loved this book so much! What a page turner and I was sad when it was over.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Erica U.

    Loved everything about it! Great narration too. What a story!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Andrea M.

    Absolutely excellent!!! Wow....what a read! This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. Everyone should enjoy this one for themselves.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Katriona H.

    Wow! I learned about the NC marsh. I was entertained. I was captivated and became completely invested in the characters. Loved this book. Narration was pretty okay. Didn't distract from the story too much. Being from the south, I tend to hate fake southern accents. But not too bad. Story and characters make up for the narration 10 fold.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Christy C.

    One of the best books I have read in a long time. Could not put it down!!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Kristy M.

    Such a beautiful book. Loved every second of it!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Katherine K.

    Amazing depth in the characters - wonderfully enchanting. I started listening to and finished this book on a long international flight. I’m sad that it’s done and the characters are gone. The narrator is probably the beat female narrator I’ve ever heard. She was perfect for this book. I highly recommend giving this one a listen.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Maureen G.

    One of best books and best narrations have ever read

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Ali S.

    Loved this book!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Judy B.

    Excellent book and narration!!

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  • Joyce C.

    Loved the book.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Cynthia L.

    Best book I’ve read all year!

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  • Scott Spiegel

    Great book really enjoyed it narration was excellent too

  • TorriLyn

    One of my favorite books. It started out a little slow but when it picked up it completely sucked me in. What a beautiful story, beautifully written and narrated. I need more like this.

  • Jurgita Ziabkinaite

    A wonderful book, one of the best I have ever listened to, and the narrator is amazing.

  • Jason Burnout

    I don't ever listen to books like this for some reason I picked it up and it was such a great story now I'm a construction worker I was literally tearing up where I was working listening to this book Thank God it was so hot out that it look like sweat LOL

  • Emily L.

    I really loved this book and the narrator was easy to listen to.

  • Gina G.

    Excellent book!! Absolutely loved it.

  • Cristina C.

    Great story and the narrator did a good job of reading the dialogue. The author made you feel her loneliness so well.

  • Anne B.

    OMG- I felt every each of this book. Wonderfully written, very descriptive, makes the reader/listener use their imagination. Very vivid. Huge plot twist you just don’t see coming. I don’t know that I will see the movie in fear it will not come close to doing it justice.

  • Terri D.

    It is a wonderful book. I’m so glad that I listen to it. The Narrator did an excellent job with the characters!

  • Whit

    This is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

  • Lisa R.

    I started to buy this book a couple different times, read the back cover, but didn't buy it, when I finally did, because I knew 2 people that read it and liked it, I couldn't put it down after the first 2 chapters, I have to say this is one of my all-time favorites, I want to read more with this author, I recommend you read it, you'll be glad you did

  • Anonymous

    This was an awesome book and I thought the narrator did an incredible job!

  • Audrey T.

    What a wonderful narrator!!

  • Lexi Wier

    Great story, can’t wait to see if the movie compares!

  • Ronnie H.

    Held my attention from 1st paragraph until the last . I have read the book and now listened to it ! Going to see the Movie! Was sad when the book was over - not because of the ending - just that it was finished !

  • Julie L.

    Absolutely one of my favorite books. Not the ending I expected. The movie was not as good.

  • Madina D.

    I’m not even done yet and loving every second

  • Anonymous

    I thought the voices the narrator did were awful. Other than that, the book was wonderful.

  • Judi Jeanotte

    Beautifully written, though slow at the start. Also I don't know why so many folks say they were surprised at the end. it made me disappointed as I wasn't so my expectations weren't met. I did not like the narration, just a personal dislike it wasn't bad, I had no problem with character changes just didn't like her voice/ accent. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie

  • Kimberly B.

    I’m giving the narrator a 3/5 just because I really liked the flow of the reading but could NOT stand the southern accent. Miss mam, as a North Carolinian, that was one of the worst southern accents ever.

  • Anonymous

    I loved this book. My only complaint is Kayas voice never changes as a child or grown adult. I cannot wait to watch the movie!

  • Ros

    My sister told me to read it, my best friends told me to read it, the movie was coming out, so much! I am normally a big hands on kind of reading person, but I kept finding myself so tired at the end of each day, tv shows and movies having lost their allure, lost my glasses, but still wanted to read. So I got the audiobook for my long drives and then it became a thing in the evening. I don’t really leave reviews other than, what a good book, you will be better for having read it. I’d read it again.

  • Keelie H.

    Love love love ! The narrator did a marvelous job !

  • Edward B.

    absolutely amazing fu*king book

  • Anonymous

    I loved this book!! I couldn't stop listening.

  • Hayleigh D.

    The book was amazing but the voices were kind of terrible…

  • Anonymous

    Excellent!! Best I have heard in a very long time!

  • Rachel R.

    Fabulous story, well written and well read.

  • Anonymous

    A true masterpiece and I’m so happy with the ending too.

  • Lesa G.

    Love this book. Listened twice.

  • Ashley R.

    I was super interested throughout. However, I feel the grand finale was almost like an afterthought. It fizzled out, for sure. To top it off, we got a poem instead of the story of what happened 'that night'.

  • Anonymous

    Great read kept me interested with each chapter

  • missy M

    One of the best books EVER!!

  • Anonymous

    Great book!

  • Anonymous

    really enjoyed the story.. characters, location, imagery. I felt myself there...

  • Floyd H.

    This was a book worth way more than 1 credit. I have had it on my wishlist for a while and finally decided to ignore the negative reviews and listen for myself and so glad I did. I could not wait to listen anytime I got a chance.

  • Julie C.

    Where the Crawdads Sing has an intriguing storyline and Owen’s did a fantastic job with character development. When I wasn’t listening to the audiobook it was constantly on my mind and was anticipating the next opportunity to resume the story. I didn’t want it to end!

  • Anonymous

    Loved this book. The narrator was great but a little silly with some of the different voices. Perfect summer read

  • Anonymous

    very good listening my wife and I listen to this on our way to the beach and appointments.

  • Misty E.

    Great book! very good narration.

  • Mary W.

    I loved this book and had trouble taking myself from it. This book was wonderfully written and narrated. I have enjoyed many books that have been narrated, and I must say that Cassandra Campbell has such a soothing tone that fit this book perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    Great book and narrator. Had me hooked!

  • Becca Warner

    I loved it and can't wait for the movie to come out!

  • Teresa M.

    Beautifully narrated, beautiful story. Story covered isolation, abandonment, strength of the human spirit. This book will keep you engaged til the end. Ending was totally unexpected.

  • Amy R.

    I absolutely loved this book, it was more than I expected. It surpassed my expectations by far.

  • Sammy J.

    Couldn’t put it down, a beautiful story about survival

  • Debby M.

    loving it!

  • Anonymous


  • Kayla W.

    Loved this book!!

  • George W.

    Very interesting and creative story, but the auditors voice was female and when trying to portray a man, really fell short. It was very hard to picture the male characters.

  • Jennifer J.

    outstanding story. can't wait to see the movie

  • Anonymous

    I couldn't stop listening! Best book so far. The most beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

  • Marian C.

    Great story with a nice plot twist can’t wait for the movie

  • KSTGER75


  • Florentina G.

    I loved this book. The story line, the characters, how the nature around is described, characters feelings and throughs - all amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely loved this book!!

  • Larry W.

    I love it

  • Vicki O.

    One of the best books! Captivating the entire time and the narrator did an amazing job capturing the voices and personalities of each character. The ending of this story left me shocked! Still thinking about it. A must read!

  • JessDance

    Beautifully described portrayal of human emotion and heartbreak and fear of love. The story will move you to reflect on how you see people.

  • Michael T.

    Awesome book!!! One of the best stories I’ve heard in a long time!

  • Connie S.

    Loved the overall story and message of the book. Especially appreciated the author’s notes at the end, giving us some insight into the author’s personal experiences. Thought some parts were a little long: drawn out but otherwise good book. Narrator’s voice needed more distinctive differences between the characters. After a while they all sounded similar.

  • Jessica M.

    Such a good story! Incredible sad, but a good read!

  • Anne Marie G.

    This was such an amazing book! Loved every minute of it. It had me on the edge of my seat and my heart pounding at times. My heart broke for Kya many times over. The ending was surprising but satisfying. I didn't want it to end!

  • Thomas G.

    Awesome book! Excellent narrator! Not crazy about the ending, but I won’t ruin it!

  • Dena Knight

    loved this book, and can't wait to see the movie

  • Julia C.

    The narrator kind of sounds like Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek which is kind of distracting. Like instead of grits she says "grahhts". The book itself is good, but not as good as the hype!

  • Anonymous

    Love love love! Great narration, story and ending

  • Lisa H.

    One of my favorite reads!

  • GingerB

    This book was so good. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Anonymous

    Incredible story. Incredible narrator.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely loved this book! Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Tamara A.

    Haunting tale about the female inner strength and resiliency

  • Anonymous

    A very moving novel. I was swept up into the atmosphere and mood. While I can't say I was fully surprised by the ending there was still a little gem of hidden information. I hope Reese loved it enough to consider producing a limited series treatment!

  • Dianne Alexander

    A beautiful, haunting story. All of my being was captured by this remarkably written tale. I want to read the book, but was also held spellbound by the narrator. I will most definitely listen to this again. Thank you, Delia Owens for writing this novel.

  • Silaws

    Best book I’ve ever read

  • Kezia P.

    This book was absolutely amazing!! The narrator did a fantastic job!!

  • Kim L.

    Loved this book! Kaya was amazing how she managed to rise above so much adversity

  • Stephanie M.

    Love the narrator. Story was just ok. Predictable. Did love the descriptions and detail of her life in the marsh.

  • Mary M.

    loved it! The book kept me going to the very end.

  • Anonymous

    Narrator did a great job. The book was full of detail and a surprising twist

  • BMC320

    Great book!

  • Anonymous

    I loved the book... the narrator did a great job making the reader feel they were in NC right in that marsh w/her excellent distription & her thick southern... I was wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    Great book! I loved this story and it's characters. Well written and narrated.

  • missjflar

    An incredible story - an instant classic! The author should be proud. Truly a coming of age narrative wrapped in a mystery that makes you remember your own firsts, mourn characters as if you knew them to be family, and find joy in the primal.

  • Isabelle P.

    Loved this book. Strong female lead character and vivid writing. I got lost in it

  • Delena M.

    loved this book so much .

  • Barbara C.

    I wasn’t ready for the story to end, I wanted more. Amazing research and the information shared real interesting. Great narration

  • Shar V.

    very entertaining, i had no idea where the plot was going. fun to read!

  • Anonymous

    This book touched me so deeply! And it left me shattered, not wanting to read another book for weeks... The story is so suspenseful, you don't know what will happen next and you just feel this urge, this need to listen further and never stop listening to it! Kya is a beautiful, strong and courageous women whom I've admired a lot and loved even more! I wish I could find a similar book to read!

  • Robyn B.

    Perfectly written. At first I was like this book does not deserve the hype. I just couldn’t get into it. It was me not the book . This book brought on so many different emotions, thought and surprise.

  • Tina M.

    This book was soooooo good! Love the narrator as well, she was amazing. 5 stars for both!

  • Max B.

    This book was hot garbage and offensively boring

  • Anonymous

    The narrator I didn’t care for the book was too long

  • Mark B.

    Excellent book and excellent narration!

  • Alicia K.

    great book. narrator really makes a difference on audio bools

  • Zeina A.

    Great read

  • Lisa K.

    I loved this book

  • Anonymous

    loved the story. The narrators voice was a bit grating though.

  • Lisa T.

    The descriptions of the marsh were beautiful. I was intrigued by the heartbreaking situation this child found herself in. However, too much of the book felt like a romance novel. Naturally the lead character was stunningly beautiful. The story arc seemed a bit silly. I wasn’t bored though.

  • Eddie Martinez

    I loved this book, the story keeps you entertained. loneliness is so sad

  • Anonymous

    Haunted still by the book. The images of the marshland, its waterways, wildlife and vegetation still damp in my mind. The characters were so powerful, Kya, Tate, Jumpin, even felt a sort of pity for Chase, his privileged, entitled, limited person no match for someone as individual, damaged, rawly intelligent as Kya. Also struck that the bigotry, snobbery, cruel neglect of the townspeople towards Marsh people, specifically Kya, were swivelled by the defense to save her. I gather there is a film being made. Hope it retains the magic and does the book justice.

  • Theresa D.

    Absolutely loved this book. The authors words are so visual you feel like your there seeing the surroundings and feeling all the feeling same as the characters.

  • Tera R.

    It was just as good as everyone said it was!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful prose, but the storyline is lacking and many characters, including Kya, are underdeveloped. Disappointing book. The narrator was ok but when she narrated Kya she sounded weak and almost whiny. Kya was a stronger person based on the story line but narrator made her sound meek.

  • Sussan C.

    Very compelling book. I did not expect the ending. Well written and the narrator was very good.

  • Rachel W.

    I flew through this. I simultaneously read the physical copy and listened to the audiobook while driving, picking up where I’d left off, because I couldn’t put this book down. Compelling story, characters, insights.

  • Danna A.

    Engaging, charming with a great ending!

  • Ponnie P

    Great book!

  • Anonymous

    totally guessed the ending but I enjoyed it

  • Dollie Dickison

    So far I have been enjoying the book. I'm used to reading on my own, but I just haven't had time for years and decided to give this a try.

  • Amanda C.

    Loved this book. Being from the south I didn’t think the narrators accent/voice was spot on, but that is a personal thing. Beautiful book. I will have to find more by Delia Owens!

  • Anonymous

    Loved it!! The narrator was great!

  • Maryann K.


  • Constance M.

    Very good book. I didn't give it five stars because it was a little dificult for me to understand which character she was telling about and at what period in their lives. But when I caught on, it was a very good read or should I say audiobook. I think if I had book in hand I would have been able to keep up with the times.

  • Tania W.

    A bit drawn out and slow, did not love even though I really wanted to.

  • Rachel Horsley

    my most highly recommended book of the year.

  • Malvika Tolani

    Loved the book from the beginning to the end!!!

  • Anonymous

    I had a hard time getting into the story in the beginning, but hang in there! The ending is worth the read.

  • Kristen N.

    This book is so well written. Great character development mixed with a wonderful setting. I loved a mixture of mystery and science. It is rare a novel does it all well. However, the narrator was PAINFUL. She has a strange affectation and draws out her words so annoyingly, which didn’t fit the southern American voice. She made the characters sound cognitively impaired. They’re southern, not stupid. My advice is to read this book yourself.

  • LISA W.

    Well I didn't see that ending! This one keeps you guessing till the very end! If you like a good who done it, this books for you.

  • Carolyn R.

    Great read

  • Phyllis M.

    Great book from the start to the finish !

  • Anonymous


  • Amanda M.

    I gave this review a five star rating because it is wonderfully written especially in the description of the landscape. I love the story- tender and raw, beautiful balancing the innocence of a young girl growing up on her own in a wild and beautiful landscape with the harsh prejudice of those that live in the "other" world. The only niggle i have is the way the story was read. I cant put my finger on it but it was small things like the way that Kiya was pronounced by Tate!

  • Terri T.

    Excellent book. Highly recommend and so thankful the narrator does voices.

  • Nadine O.

    Awful! A book for people who normally only read magazines. Implausible, cliché-ridden garbage. Didn’t waste my time finishing it.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t finish book

  • Christin T.

    Enjoyed this book and the narrator. Easy to be empathetic towards the main character. Some parts were hard to listen to.

  • Kim G.

    Excellent story!!

  • Stefanie G.

    Sad but also very positiv. It makes you think, is something like that possible? It helped me not to feel so lonely for a while.

  • Nadine W.

    Excellent book! Excellent narration!

  • Dave B.

    This was an incredible read...loved every aspect

  • Matt D

    Great listen

  • Kirby F.

    one of the best books I've read in years. the character development is so smooth.

  • Lou Ann B.

    Great story, wonderful narration. I enjoyed it immensely!

  • Martha B.

    Great story. Just when I thought I knew where it was going, it would take a twist and ho in another direction. Kept me in suspense until the end. Wow!

  • Pippi

    The ending was the best part. If I was reading this book instead of listening, I don’t think I would have gotten through her on and on description of the swamp.

  • Laura S.

    Loved this book and kept me captivated the entire way through.

  • Brandy R.

    Loved this book! Especially the end. So well written and the cadence kept me interested- the characters were colorful and authentic- this is one I will enjoy again at some point.

  • K O.

    This book was amazing. It kept you wondering until the very end. I heard all the chatter about this book, and I usually don’t listen to what others are saying. However, I’m glad I took the chance here. It was well worth it. This was a story of a poor girl who made her own space in the world to fit her specifically. She thrives in a different way than the regular person defines success and rocked life!

  • Kelly

    I loved this book

  • Liz L.

    Great story beautifully told.

  • Carla C.

    This book has become one of my favorites.

  • Valerie S.

    This book came as a recommendation from a friend and it did not disappoint. Not only is it an incredible listen with great narrator but the story is fantastic, vividly told, filled with strong characters and written with a passion for nature and human emotion.

  • Taylor E.

    Amazing!! All the stars!! I cried, I cheered, I laughed and was sad when it ended. Both author and reader did great by painting scenes and images for the reader. Anyone deciding on this book, decide no more. Just do it!

  • Chribarn

    This is a book I could read over and over again. I love the writing g style, the character builds, the storyline and the life lessons taught. The narrator is perfect.

  • Madle

    This book has been on my list for a couple of years. I started it and was not drawn in immediately, so I put it down. Came back to it as an audio book and I really enjoyed it that way! Tears running down my face by the end... it touches on social isolation, the family of your choice, and the way intelligence manifests itself even when not nurtured. Just simply an engrossing slice of life!

  • hagistharris

    Beautiful. Haunting. Gripping. Different. Wonderful.

  • Tracy B.

    Probably in my top 5 books of all time, and I ready at least 2-3 a month! Just grabbed me from the first paragraph, and held me tight. Only down side is that I've struggled to find my next "Crawdads" since the day I finished this. It's a very tough act to follow:)_

  • Anonymous

    Can’t say enough good things about this book!

  • Kathleen R.

    Loved the story

  • Nicole R.

    12 hours of listening seemed like a moment! What a great book! Left me wanting more...in a good way!

  • Kelley A.

    Loved the book. Held my interest from start to finish. Characters were all vivid and seemed real. Great read


    So good! By far my favorite Delia Owens novel thus far. Cassandra Campbell did an outstanding job narrating this book!

  • Mary C.


  • Corene P.

    Such a fantastic book. I couldn’t put it down. It has substance and meaning alongside the story itself. The narrator sounded a bit like Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek.

  • Geralyn R.

    I enjoyed this book!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! Touching.

  • Jessica S.

    The best book!

  • Anonymous

    Such a lovely novel, hats off to the story and the fantastic narrator.

  • Jessica H.

    Probably best book I’ve ever read (or heard I guess). Highly suggest it! Narrator did great as well.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! And this is the title that got my husband joked on audio books listening to it on a long trip. Such a unique storyline and I love the accents and setting!

  • Rosanne R.

    Very good story. Reminded me of “To Kill a Mockingbird “

  • Scott S.

    It took a handful of chapters to really get into it, but once I did it was an incredible read!

  • Anonymous

    what an incredible story!

  • Jacob B.


  • Lori H.

    Great book. I cried a few times though.

  • Sarah Z.

    Loved this book immensely, what a beautiful story of survival.

  • Christine H.

    Very good book

  • Kira R.

    Such a great story!

  • Wendy H.


  • Marie S.

    Great read exciting twists and turns very moving story!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful imagery and meditation on loneliness. My only major complaint was that I did not like the narrator's Kya. I was ok with all of the other characters, but it was a bit distracting to dislike the voice of the main person. It was too weak, vapid and juvenile of a voice in my opinion. But I am always impressed with how these narrators can find different voices for each character, and she was clearly very skilled at it.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful enjoyed this book so much, live listen to it twice

  • Anonymous

    An honest tale of struggle, surrender, love and revenge. You could imagine being there. Captivating!

  • Excie

    Loved her tales and descriptions of Kya’s marsh in North Carolina. Great book, great reading!

  • Jordan D.

    So good I couldn't stop listening, truly bengie worthy. Great narration too!

  • Jane A.

    Love love loved it. It was refreshing and warmed my heart.

  • Anonymous

    great book

  • Sylvia N.

    The story was colorful and interesting but she never explained how Chase died...not a fan of the narrators voice, especially when she was doing some backwater accent!

  • Deborah D.

    I love this book! I couldn’t put it down.

  • Sylvia R.

    Mesmerizing. That this little bundle of humanity could survive alone in this harsh environment keeps you waiting to see what catastrophic event awaits our around the bend. The author’s prose softens the rough setting enough for you to follow the innocent child as she struggles to overcome the basics of life and the cruelty of the people she encountered to succeed to an unbelievable level. The crippling cruelty of her abandonment in a town of people who knew her circumstances, but did nothing to help is unbelievable. Loved this book!

  • Cristina

    I loved it!

  • NumbersMcFarlen

    Perfect book for a road trip. Part mystery, part love story. I could have done with a better narrator though.

  • Dale S.

    Great book! The descriptive language and imagery were both outstanding. I highly doubt it.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great book! It can be a bit sad but overall light and it’s not the “typical, dumb love story.” It was a joy to read!

  • Cheyenne F.

    Gives you all the feels! Absolutely loved this book ❤️ Would recommend to anyone!

  • Teresa W.

    I have both read the book and listened to it. I really enjoyed both.

  • Anonymous

    Lovely written book.

  • Kristen J.

    This book has incredible depth to it. Crying, laughing and contemplating our way of life—first truly moving audio book I’ve listened to.

  • Monica M.

    such a thriller!! narrator was perfect.

  • Toni C.

    This was on of the most interesting books I’ve read in a long time. It combined science, psychology, mystery, nature, social commentary, and suspense in a most enjoyable read. I never wanted to put it down. I became so emotionally attached to Kya that I was able to feel her loneliness, pain, joy, and solitude the whole way through. This may have been Delia Owens’ first novel but I hope it won’t be her last.

  • Christina D.

    Wonderful story with relatable emotions of alienation, strength and perseverance. I highly recommend.

  • Aletta A.

    Fantastic Book, I enjoyed it immensely.

  • Elizabeth F.

    Wonderful and a must read book!!

  • Sheri H.

    Beautifully written with a narration that brings it to life. Highly recommend!

  • Emily M.

    Hands Down on my favorite books! Love the narrative and description of everything! Can’t wait to see this in the movies :))

  • JAD D.

    I loved this story...its a slow burn but it burns. A beautiful story about a not so beautiful reality.

  • Anonymous

    Best book I ever read. I was in awe. She’s my new favorite author. Want to read more of her books exceptional‼️I cried it was emotional and Wonderful. Trust me this is a Must read.

  • Carol K.

    Wow!! This was so good I found myself finding excuses to go somewhere so I could listen to it in the car or I stayed up really late listening. Highly recommend.

  • Valeri G.

    Excellent Book, enjoyed the narrative elements greatly. I laughed and cried all while cleaning house. Quite a feat to be moved in those circumstances. 5 stars plus.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing book!

  • Barbara R.

    Great read. Really enjoyed the book.

  • Anonymous

    The end was great but I had a hard time really getting into this one

  • Deborah S.

    excellent staging

  • Patty Oole

    The slow start and the southern swamp dialects were unnerving, at first. However, it speeds up to a rollercoasting pace. The imagery of the North Carolina outskirts brings to life the unpredictable nature and resilience of the main character and the swamp. Love story. Mystery. Strong Woman. Prejudices.

  • Marypaz13

    It was hard to get into, so much so that I almost didn't finish, but decided not to, since I was already more morally invested in the story. After the first 100 or so pages, though, I couldn't put it down! And the ending (0.0) -- like WTF. This is the first book I've read from Reese's bookclub -- I may have another booklist to checkout... P.S. -- the way the author describes the marsh and the scenery of N. Carolina, just breath taking (and I've haven't been there).

  • beckaboo2u

    I had been considering this book for a while and am glad I took the plunge. The story goes back and forth in time before finally converging one a crucial turning point for the main character, Kya. I thought it was done very well and it gave further depth into other characters. You won’t get bored at any time during this book. It is not slow, and progresses at a very good pace. I found a little more connection to the book as well since I live in North Carolina. Without further rambling on random compliments to the book, I have to say, one of the more satisfying endings to a book I have experienced in a while (also partly my fault for not reading a lot of fiction). On the narrator, she is actually very easy to listen to. I saw a review about her poor attempts at accents. Having family from the area, some of my older relatives actually do sound a little close to her portrayal of some of the characters’ voices, she just doesn’t have much range in pitch (if that’s right, she is a woman voicing men) so it does sound a little weird at times. Get over that, since her voice is actually very nice, and enjoy. Highly recommend.

  • Mo-U

    Great story with a twist or two

  • Anonymous

    I woke up this morning wishing the book hadn’t ended.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent and engaging. Loved the narrator - she gave a wonderful interpretation of the characters- although still allowing the listener to create the story and the colors.

  • Jeanne V

    loved it! a beautiful heartfelt tale felt like i was there

  • Anonymous

    My new favorite book ever! So so beautiful!

  • Melissa W.

    I loved this story and the main character, Kya. The narrator makes the story come alive. I enjoyed it!

  • Megz

    Oh I just LOVED this book

  • Eleshia M.

    Beautiful story. Definitely worth the listen and the narrator is amazing

  • Anonymous

    Everyone seems to love this book but I did not. I found it predictable and sappy. Possibly more appropriate as a YA romance novel. The reader's "NPR" voice annoyed me.

  • Garrett H.

    This book was so good! Be patient in the beginning, feels a little slow at first, but it’s worth it. It really tugs at your emotions too in a deep, southern way.

  • Suzanne

    Great book, started a little slow but I was sad when it was done!

  • Sandra P.

    loved this book .. a real snapshot of the NC coast at that time.

  • Ingrid S.

    The author has such a way with words! The descriptions of life in the marsh were amazing and made me feel like I was right there. It kept my interest all the way through. I highly recommend this book!

  • Anonymous

    Narrorator was truly amazing! Easy to follow along and listen while multitasking. This book is now one of my favorites, could not stop listening from beginning to end.

  • Mickayla M.

    Such a great book!

  • Anonymous

    Every page kept me wanting more. I did not want the story to end. Simply Amazing!!

  • jmargaritis

    A very special book. Gripping from start to finish with great suspense and a great twist ending.

  • Jeanne R.

    This book was recommended to me by a much younger work friend. I was unsure if I would like it as our taste is very different, but I loved it. It has an interesting plot that evolves slowly, but beautifully, with just the right amount of momentum to keep the reader/listener interested. The writer used very picturesque language that helped me visualize every detail, but I could see some readers skimming over certain sections of this type of writing to get to what happens next. I will definitely look for other books by this author.

  • Penny D.

    Not interesting. Only listened to 3 chapters.

  • Amanda K.

    One of the best book I have ever read.

  • Tanya M.

    I LOVED this book. I fell in love Kya. Following the two time lines was incredible. The ending FANTASTIC

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful book! The author along with the narrator were melodic and almost like a gently rocking boat as she described Kiya and her love and passion for all things nature.

  • Judy B.

    I just loved everything about the book. I turn in on when I go for my walk and enjoy. During this unsettling time with the virus it has brought such simple pleasure.

  • Drew G.

    Just a wonderful book you will get lost in and never want to put down. It ends at the right place. Some books end abruptly or in some contrived way. The narrator does a wonderful job. I hate it when you have a great.book but the narrator gets in the way and puts you off the book. The accent took a little while to get used to but it makes sense. This definitely is one of my favorite books of all time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  • Chris K.

    This book left me speechless. I’m finding it hard to come up with good enough words for a review. Incredible listen and the narrator did an awesome job!

  • Anonymous

    Loved the book though the descriptive passages were sometimes excessive; did not care for the narrator, fake southern accent

  • Lauren S.

    Sooooooooooo gooooooooooood!!!

  • Elise S.

    Great story with narration that really brought the characters to life.

  • Vic D.

    I can't say anything more than Tara M.

  • Jen L.

    Pleasant read... took plenty of long walks while listening and this kept my attention. Ending has a twist and was unexpected. Highly recommend

  • Joanne K.

    Outstanding book I did not want it to end! So well written and the main character with all her flaws is so engaging with her love of the wildlife and the nature of the Marsh. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book!

  • Beth W.

    I didn’t expect to enjoy this book but I loved it!! What a fantastic twist at the end.

  • Andy D.

    It was not the type of book, or audio I would normally read, or listen to. However, I was amazed that it brought out the disappointments of my life. A cathartic read.

  • Megan F.

    Just beautiful. Many tears were shed and my heart was warmed immensely.m

  • Elizabeth G.

    Loved the story, hated the narrator!! Her attempt at a southern accent with varying ages and gender made me cringe.

  • Emma A.

    An amazing down to earth story with an unexpected twist that makes you go... "Whoa"

  • Jamie K.

    This story was amazing. I am recuperating from eye surgery and must keep head down for hours. This book made the time bearable. Loved the story and narration.

  • Corinne F.

    What a fantastic story! So beautifully written. The narration was great! I couldn’t wait to Listen every day.

  • Sara P.

    Loved this book! The descriptions are so beautiful and poignant, it feels like you are there experiencing it in person.

  • Cynthia R.

    I am a girl of nature the outside is really my home this book brought such intrigue such fear such a need for love but being in North Carolina it was And extraordinary seashore experience I love the book

  • Jillian R.

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book. The middle was a tad slow and drawn out, but it did redeem itself at the end.

  • Arthur B.

    this was a most enjoyable read I enjoyed her style

  • Anonymous

    I loved this book. One of the best I have listened to for a long time.

  • Adela C.

    I loved loved loved this book. I hope they will make this into a movie!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful writing about the marsh and it’s ecosystem tied in with a moving story and a who-done-it.

  • Adela B.

    It was an amazing book! Loved every moment of it!

  • Pamela S.

    Great relaxing read. I wish there was more!

  • klj913

    The ending seemed too wrapped up perfectly. The entire book was captivating, the girl in the marsh. But the ending didn’t seem to fit her character at all.

  • Kirk S.

    Really good from start to finish. Pulled in right away, and hung on to the end. The narrator was fantastic.

  • Beckie C.

    What a story. I couldn’t stop listening. Narration was great

  • Karen B.

    Excellent book! I loved the Character development and the ending was amazing. A definite shock but not a surprise.

  • Patti M.

    The characters all were distinctly identified by the narrator's change in voice tones and were consistent throughout the entire book. The story was a delightful blend of romance and mystery until the very end. A great read!

  • Ronna F.

    I loved it! Great read!

  • Patricia B.

    Loved Loved Loved this book!!

  • Anonymous

    Quite a read.. with so many turns and heartaches.

  • Kelly L.

    A really great read! Narrator was so good. Took a bit to get into but then I could not stop listening.

  • LisaAT

    This book was one of the best I’ve ever read! I related well to Kya- the ending blew me away!!

  • Charles C.

    A very engaging story in combination with an enlightening view of life in a coastal ecosystem. I highly recommend it

  • Leslie R.

    I LOVED this book!!!!!!!

  • Pamela Magoon R.

    I absolutely LOVED this book!

  • Anonymous

    Poetic is so many ways. Also, a complete and fulfilling story with no loose ends.

  • Anonymous

    enjoyed this story.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the book! Narrator mispronounced several words like bream which should be pronounced brim. Needed a real southerner with a natural southern accent to read the book.

  • Carol M.

    The story was so engrossing until the forced and rushed investigation. All the beautiful prose and attention to detail was replaced by a trial that made me think the author was just borrowing a page from Harper Lee. Would have preferred a more believable continuation of the heart wrenching story

  • Carol G.

    This is a GREAT book! I couldn't get enough of it. The author is an amazing writer with descriptive analysis in every word. This is a MUST READ (LISTEN) !!!

  • Marchell I.

    Awesome book, felt as if I was right there in the Marsh with her, beautiful book loved it. A must read or listen. Recommend this book!

  • Naomi Gontko

    Very sweet story

  • Anonymous

    This book is an excellent story and well worth the credit.

  • Cynthia C.

    This Audiobook and the narration are absolutely wonderful! I felt like I was on the North Carolina marshland watching the highly descriptive screens unfold. Very moving. I loved it so much I’ll listen to it again.

  • Patricia M.

    This was a great book! It is well written. The narrator was exceptional.

  • Debra K.

    This is the first time I was drawn to commenting on an audiobook. The story was very well written and extremely entertaining. I thought the narrator was wonderful too. I have already recommended this book to others. I am sure I will listen to it again.

  • Karen H.

    This book had me hooked from the first chapter! I couldn’t stop listening. Narration was perfect.

  • Shelley C.

    This is a fantastic, gripping story. I found narrator’s voice as a child and young adult quite annoying. Not enough to stop listening though !

  • Vickilynne D.

    I couldn't put the book down. It's been a long time since I've been captivated by a story and felt comfortable with the writing style. I learned so much and shed a tear of the end. a great read.

  • Beverly H.

    Great story!

  • Carrie B.

    I tend to only read non-fiction however, I loved this book!!! The hype is justified!!!! I would highly recommend this book!!!

  • Donna S.

    This book was mesmerizing, heart wrenching, and full of surprises! It's not like anything I've ready before...beautifully written and narrated. I could close my eyes and imagine myself there in the marsh with them. I wanted to see all of Kya's books she wrote and published!

  • Wendy L.

    Excellent, excellent, excellent. The book, the narrating, everything was excellent

  • James E.

    Very well written book that has a little something for everybody as well as a fantastic ending. I thought it was going to be a little on the chick flicky side, but I cant really say that. This might be the best book I've listened to this year. Also, the narrator absolutely nails it. Highly recommend.

  • Debbie B.

    loved this book! well written. Kept my attention and got me at the end...

  • Mariah N.

    This book brought me to tears within the first 10 minutes. I loved the dialect and the detailed scenery. I felt so connected to the characters I never wanted to stop listening. An absolutely beautiful story.

  • Pamela K.

    The author paints such beautiful pictures with her words. This book was exquisite. It is not the kind of book I would normally read...I’m a Patricia Cornwell or David Baldaci kind of reader. But I read this on the advice of a friend and couldn’t put it down. And the narrator was wonderful. Highly recommend! ❤️

  • Debra B.

    A REALLY GOOD listen.

  • Ketsarin H.

    well and beautiful written.

  • Bridget C.

    omg, wonderful,wonderful book. My heart....it broke for Kya so many times but her strength and perseverance made me admire her more....

  • Karen B.

    Brilliant, evocative, sensitive story! I absolutely loved this book and was captivated by Kiya’s plight, her resilience and the gentle kindnesses shown throughout. The author’s beautiful use of language, whether conveying the interactions of her characters, the silent habits of wildlife, or the movements of a small boat through the water captured my attention and my heart. A classic!

  • Nancy T.


  • Jennifer O.

    This is one of those books that is so good it takes over your life because I couldn't stop listening. It was heart wrenching and heart warning all in one. Loved every minute of it

  • Dorothy B.

    Looked forward to my morning walk just to listen...pure enjoyment.

  • Maureen B.

    This is a wonderful novel. Really enjoy the characters and setting.

  • Linda B.

    One of the best books I’ve read in a long time! Painful subjects at times but also filled with young love for each other, self and nature. So eloquently written and narration was fantastic. Recommend to everyone!

  • Sarah T.

    This story is ok, but I can’t see how it has been at the top of the bestseller list. The narrator was awful! I stopped listening after a few hours and will get the hardcover from the library.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful writing of a courageous and strong female character. I loved the descriptions of nature and her home. One of my top favorite books.

  • Daniel F.

    What a fantastic story and fantastic narration! As a truck driver I can’t tell you how the miles sped past as I listened to this book. I’ll listen to this author some more wout a doubt.

  • Gwendolyn C.

    It didn't quite hit the mark for me. I really wanted to love it but the story was slow moving and repetitive. The way the narrator portrayed the men with long drawn out voices was annoying and hollow. I felt for Kya but had to really suspend disbelief through a lot of the story.

  • Susan J.

    I had no idea what this would be about. I just liked the title and decided to choose this book. I love mysteries and this is one of the best. I love the way the story unfolded and loved the narrator.

  • Anonymous

    Not mich of a fan. Morals are not good.

  • Deborah K.

    Loved everything about this book! The characters. A new landscape and place I have not been was described in a way that made me feel like I was there. The narrator was excellent.

  • Stacie J.

    Absolutely loved this book! The rhythm of the book paralleled the ebb and flow of the ocean as well as the circle of life. Mother Nature played a main character and was mirrored in all of the other characters of the book. Very well done with a surprising twist at the end....just as life and the universe would have it! :)

  • Kerri H.

    I really enjoyed this listen! The reader did a very good job.

  • Judy S.

    I really enjoyed the book. The story pulled the reader in and kept them captivated through the main character's life. I liked the narrator, although I imagine I would have read it definitely to myself, some of the characters voices made them sound dumb when the characters weren't.

  • Anon B.

    During a long road trip this book certainly kept our attention in so many ways. My wife and I enjoyed the delicate, powerful, suspenseful and creative writing and narration the entire time. Note...a bit naughty in a few spots, had to turn down the volume for the kiddos traveling with us LOL. Overall such a meaningful story and a must listen to!

  • Julie B.

    Fantastic! Will not disappoint!

  • Sharon H.

    Excellent book I loved it!!

  • Darrick J.

    My wife listened to this and enjoyed it.

  • Amber H.

    Such a great listen! I loved the characters and the storyline. I loved the way the book was written jumping back and forth in time. I loved the ending. I thought thr narrator did a great job with the character voices. This is now definitely one if my favorite books.

  • Jeri K.

    This was fantastic. I enjoyed every word. Great read.

  • Anonymous

    solid book...loved this story and the narrator was superb in voicing the many characters!

  • Richard T.

    I found a terrific read a must for everybody's book list !

  • Anonymous

    My favorite book this summer - especially entertaining during a beach or lake trip.

  • Rick T.

    The narrator mad the book come to life for me.

  • Layne M.

    I honestly stopped breathing at points in this story. It’s unbelievably good. Stop what your doing and read it.

  • Anne B.

    Overall I really enjoyed the book. A slow start had me second guessing my choice, And I felt like it was heading down a predictable path. But the last half had me continually second guessing and adjusting my predictions, and then becoming very satisfied with the character development and evolution of the productive and positive feministic element.

  • Mayda T.

    Sweet story with some twists and turns that keep you wondering at times. All in all a great read!!

  • Christi L.

    I was never bored listening to this book.

  • J J.

    The narrator was good. She did the various voices really well and it was quite easy to listen to her. I didn't love the story though. I don't really know why. Maybe because I felt like it was really sad and a little disappointing at the end. So, it could just be me though as many seem to like it.

  • Steven S.

    Me Owens is in exceptional writer. The story takes you on a beautiful emotional ride. I was asking myself while listening to it how she was going to handle the resolution of the murder. The answer was the same as she handled the entire book… Beautifully. I don’t know the mix of men and women who have read this book but I would highly recommend it to either.

  • Jeannie K.

    Made me laugh, made me cry. Loved this book!

  • Julie G.

    Exquisitely written story that kept me on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns! The mystery was a secret to me until the end of the book. I enjoyed every minute of listening to this narrator weave this tale with spectacular reading.

  • A M.

    One of my all time favorite!! Couldn’t put it down. I recommend it over and over again!

  • Erwin D.

    Fantastic read! I am sad to be finished. The narrator made the book even better for me.

  • Erica S.

    This book is amazing from the beginning to the end I was shockingly excited about the ending . The narrator is amazing she brought the book to life I listen to lots of books I must say this book is my favorite

  • Malinda M.

    Beautifully written and beautifully read. One of those books you can share with your daughter, your sister and your aunt.

  • Terri D.

    Thunderstruck!! It gets you in the gut but remains in your soul...

  • Lisa S.

    I loved this book! The writing was so descriptive I really connected with the main character and could completely visualize her world. The narrator was first rate as well.....I’ll be looking for more books to listen to from both of them

  • Jeff Stewart

    Brilliant writing with creative twists. Great southern fiction (despite narrator's use of Hollywood southern dialect). Most fiction has moments of dragging, but this story never did.

  • Jenna C.

    What a wonderful novel. The narrator does a great job reading this beautiful story. This story is intriguing and keeps you engaged. The ending is unexpected.

  • Babbie J.

    Good book and well narrated. Left me sad though.

  • Jacqueline E.

    Love this book. I do not say that often. Beautifully written. Author supplies you with all the visuals as though you where experiencing the story, not hearing it. The development of the characters leave you feeling as if you know them. Highly recommend.

  • Jeannie O.

    Exceptional. Takes you away. Hard to put down. Difficult to start ... but once it gets going it’s beautiful.

  • Dina Sysak

    So sad for this story to come to a close. Beautiful story about a beautiful soul!

  • Berva Lorraine H.

    I really enjoyed this book.

  • Lynn G.

    This was a beautiful story, which drew me in right from the very beginning. The narrator also did a fabulous job bringing all of the characters to life. I highly recommend this book!

  • Frances S.

    This was an amazing read and one that I will read again. It was beautifully written and very entertaining. I could not put it down and sorry I have finished it. I miss her..,

  • Johnna C.

    Loved this book, didn’t want it to end.

  • Anonymous

    Boring and long

  • Cathy C.

    This was my first audiobook. Although the story was a bit slow to start, it greatly improved over time. I would recommend it and found it was entertaining.

  • Rebecca R.

    This is a must read! I absolutely loved it and it moved me in so many way. One of the best stories of all time!

  • Claire B.

    I had to listen to this twice. It was beautiful and the narrator helped to bring an authentic style to the characters, who were captivating and charming. I loved this story and the delicate descriptions throughout. I highly recommend this audio version.

  • Barbara N.

    It was a good book! The narrators were good.

  • Jo Ann S.

    Fantastic narration and great story. Loved it. Kept my interest. Left me wanting more.

  • Cindy T.

    I absolutely loved this story. I found myself falling in love with Kya and was amazed at how she related to nature and learned to become self sufficient. A beautifully written story that I didn't want to end!

  • Alisha L.

    I love the book. You have to pay attention though because it will go to the past and back to the present on the story line. awesome ending.

  • Deborah F.

    I loved, loved, loved this book!! It painted beautiful pictures of the marsh and beaches - so visual. The ending snuck right up on me! Also read with great expression!

  • Heather M.

    What a beautiful story, I did not want the book to end. It was a book that touched me deeply, I would definitely buy this for a friend. Good read. It was so beautifully written. If you want a good read buy this book!

  • Dan M.

    Loved it! I never wanted it to end.

  • Susan Y.

    I loved this book and the narrator was wonderful

  • Anonymous

    Delightful story! Amazing, deep, sweet.

  • Nikki F.

    Definitely has moved into my top 5 favorite books! I actually avoided this book for a while based on the description. Eventually, I decided to give it a try. So happy I did! A story that truly sticks with you!

  • Diane S.

    I loved this story. Never wanted it to end.

  • Virginia M.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this story. Although is was predictable at times, it was soothing and cozy to read. The narrator did a nice job, but being a true southerner, the forced southern accents felt contrived and hard for me to push through at times.

  • Kelley G.

    It is so nice to read a book that centers around nature and not abusive drinking, as several of the currently popular books do.

  • Connie L.

    The story is beautiful, moving and inspiring. The mystery has a few cloudy details that seem unreconcilable. The narration was outstanding!

  • Anonymous

    Great book. Story kept me in suspense, admiration, and amusement. Marvelous survival story.

  • Beth C.

    Didn't think I would like it...not my typical style of story...but, I was engrossed in this story and the main character. So simple in many ways, but really well told. Some things were predictable, but others not so much. I was truly sad when the story had to end. Maybe a sequel??? please.

  • Barb O.

    Loved this story of Kya and her life. I normally only listen to my audiobooks in my car but I listened to this every chance I could. The storyline just drew me in and I was surprised at some of the twists the story had.

  • Susan F.

    One of my favorite books ever. I usually only listen to my books in the car, but this book I couldn't stop. I carried it around the house while I did my work Loved the narrator.

  • Jack L.

    Great book. Takes you right into the world of Kaya. Beautiful written and narrated.

  • Jeanine C.

    Loved the depiction of the North Carolina marshlands. Creative way to handle xenophobia that allows the reader to understand the very intimate and devastating social impact it has. Relevant to today's socio-political climate.

  • Donna C.

    The most beautiful saddest story. I felt like I was there with her. The narrator was so hypnotic. Love her

  • Bobbette G.

    depressing. good ending.

  • Marsha T.

    I can’t express how beautifully this story was written. IT HAS IT ALL! Not exaggerating in thenleast when I say it’s probably my favorite book of all time! Bravo!!!!

  • Cathy R.

    Absolutely wonderful. I almost want to listen to it again!

  • Randi S.

    Great story and one of the best narrators ever. I laughed, cried and held my breath in suspense. Would definitely recommend this book!

  • Kathleen H.

    This book will stay with me forever.

  • Diane G.


  • Ana E.

    This book has become one of my favorite novels. beautifully narrated, with a compelling story line. This book touches on all emotions sadness, happiness, fear, shame, pride, love, and hate. It is attention grabbing all the way to the very end. I highly recommend it.

  • Lauren L.

    Best book I've listened to since I joined the "club". I pulled over to listen to the last 15 minutes, because I was almost home, and wanted to hear the end.

  • Amylynn H.

    Very very good, maybe could of been shorter in spots but still certianly would recommend!!!

  • Barbara S.

    I absolutely loved this book Best I have read in ages. Also thought the narrator was exceptional.

  • Michael T.

    Beautifully written. Excruciating to fall in love with a character who has thrust upon her one agonizing adversity after another. An unanticipated ending.

  • Parrish V.

    One of the best books of 2018 for me. Cassandra Campbell read it perfectly. You knew every character and felt as if you knew them personally. Such a heartfelt story with a perfect ending! I can't wait to see what Delia Owens does next.

  • Destina H.

    It was definitely a well written book and the story was good but I felt like it dragged on a little bit. I kept waiting for something to happened and it just didn’t. It was predictable. Maybe a book for an older audience?

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