45 Day Self-Improvement Handbook: 45 Daily Ideas, Habits, and Action-Plan for Becoming More Productive, Persuasive, Influential, Sociable and Self-Confident

Written by:
A.V. Mendez
Narrated by:
Trevor Ohaire

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
1 hour 4 minutes
Learn How to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life One Day and One Idea at a Time

Do you feel like you're not achieving your full potential? Start your self-improvement journey with A.V. Mendez's actionable guide that will help you build habits to make you more productive, sociable, persuasive, and self-confident.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

* The power of saying NO and how this will free up your time.

* The one secret that will make you the most productive than you've ever been in your life

* The one thing you should learn to do today in order to finally get what you want out of life.

* Where TRUE self-confidence comes from and how to build it fast!

* How momentum works and why you should watch out for it as if your life depends on it.

* The magic word that will instantly light up anyone's day...

You can eliminate information overload and go straight to the action by following the 45 Day Self-Improvement Handbook daily plan.

Grab your copy today.
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