45 Iconic Sermons, Visions, and Prophecies from The Book of Mormon

45 Iconic Sermons, Visions, and Prophecies from The Book of Mormon

Written by:
Tyler Mckellar
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Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
8 hours 37 minutes
This audio book contains 45 selected passages from The Book of Mormon, chosen for their focus on the core doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Each passage is prefaced by a brief introduction, identifying the circumstances of the sermon, prophecy, or vision. The selected passage is then read by one of seven narrators – men and women of a variety of ages.

The 45 passages average about 10 minutes each, for over 8 hours of listening time. Ideal for daily walks, commuting, or in personal and family scripture study — a simple and direct way to access some of the most powerful passages found in The Book of Mormon.

Sample Chapter Titles:

1. The vision of the Tree of Life, as seen by Lehi and Nephi

5. Jacob teaches that Christ’s atonement will redeem men from physical and spiritual death 

11. King Benjamin prophecies in great detail of the Savior’s mortal ministry and atoning sacrifice

15. Abinadi testifies that Jesus Christ is the light and life of the world, then suffers death by fire 

23. Alma defines faith and preaches the need for continual prayer

29. Captain Moroni stirs the Nephites to action by raising the title of liberty 

32. Jesus Christ appears to the Nephites, identifies Himself as the Savior of the world, and commands all people to be baptized

36. Jesus Christ heals all who are brought to him and angels minister to the Nephite children

45. Moroni invites readers of the Book of Mormon to ask God for a witness of its truth and describes the variety of spiritual gifts
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