5 Levels of Fear

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: December 2017

Duration: 1 hours 48 minutes


This four-part microseries follows three urban explorers on a trip into a century-old abandoned mansion: one that has never been explored before.The mansion, frankly, had escaped the notice of almost everyone and has little to no information available about it. Except for the blueprints. And, as it turns out, those aren't exactly truthful.One of the explorers, due to a fall in a past exploration, is now confined to a wheelchair and through body cams keeps track of the other two as they enter the house. Because they can't get in at ground level, they end up going in through the roof, which is not a preferred method of entrance. They find the place, at first, in pristine shape, complete with belongings from everyone who'd lived there, including two young lovers. But that deteriorates as they descend lower into the house.Then they find the floor that isn't on the blueprints, and the rows of beds with restraints, and a hallway that progressively narrows, always followed by the howl of someone who has been trapped in the building for a few weeks, or so they've been told. And not lastly they find the jungle growing up from the dank, dark, grave-like basement. Wanting to explore turns quickly into needing to escape.


5 Levels of Fear

by Sable Jak

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5 Levels of Fear, Sable Jak