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The Heart of Courage: A Novel of the French and Indian War

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
10 hours 56 minutes
No one would understand.

But he had to obey his conscience.

It’s 1753, and troubling news comes to Russell’s Ridge …

Susanna Russell longs to escape her valley home. When war breaks out, she gets her wish to study in fabulous Williamsburg. But she realizes she’s lost something important along the way. Something—and someone.

James Paxton is studying for the ministry. But when violence threatens the valley, his path becomes clouded. What is God’s will for his life? The answer is alarming—and impossible.

Red Hawk spies white surveyors near his home, a harbinger of trouble to come. Shawnee chiefs go to Philadelphia to treat for peace, but the unthinkable happens, and Red Hawk loses all he once held dear. Then he has a strange dream. What can it mean?

War, romance, and gospel truth unite in this remarkable sequel to The Shenandoah Road. The Russells series is continued in audio with the singularly gifted narration of Stuart Gauffi.
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