7-Day Confidence Challenge

Written by:
Challenge Self
Narrated by:
Challenge Self

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2018
0 hours 44 minutes
Improve Your Confidence With Your '7-Day Confidence Challenge'
Why are you reading this? Because:
- You have a hard time asserting and expressing yourself.
- You have an ingrained shyness and discomfort around people.
- You have feelings of inadequacy and question your own worth.
- You have constant worries about what might happen in the future.
- You have an inability to stand up for yourself when it really matters.
Confidence issues can show and manifest themselves in different ways, including, but certainly not limited to these above.
A common misconception about confidence disorders is that there’s something fundamentally wrong with the people who suffer from them. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth—there’s only something wrong with the thinking that these sufferers exhibit.
That’s what needs to be remembered—there’s nothing wrong with you, only your thinking. And that’s exactly what the '7-Day Confidence Challenge' seeks to fix—faulty thinking.
As this thorough confidence-booster’s title implies, in just seven days you can be an entirely different person, radiating confidence and beaming with positivity.
Using a series of well-thought and researched daily tasks, '7-Day Confidence Challenge' invigorates readers to entertain an entirely new style of thinking, feeling, being—and confidence.
Easy-to-follow and quick-to-perform, these tasks are far from rushed; although they require just an hour or so of effort per day, the results will be felt—and seen—immediately.
A lack of confidence isn’t something that you should have to live with—and with '7-Day Confidence Challenge' available, you don’t have to.
If you suffer from any sort of confidence deficiency—and most do—there’s no better way to practically and immediately develop a new confident you and a more successful life than taking the '7-Day Confidence Challenge' now.
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