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74 minute Course Chakra Link

Written by:
Dick Sutphen
Narrated by:
Dick Sutphen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
1 hour 13 minutes
74 minute Course Chakra Link with 2 Hypnosis Sessions
Dick Sutphen teaches you how to mentally chakra-link with another person to perceive what they're seeing and feeling-and to allow the other person to perceive your visions and emotions. The course is structured for two people-students, friends or lovers-to work together, but it also teaches remote-linking.  You will go into the altered-state, sitting or lying, side-by-side, and following a body relaxation, the chakra-link is invoked. During the Conditioning & Testing track, you will explore telepathy, plus a quick past-life regression. Each person tags along to observe the other's incarnation. There is an additional full 'Chakra-Link Meditation' in which you'll explore past lives, shared past lives, healing, sex, psychic perception, and remote viewing. You'll also learn about the potentials of chakra regeneration.
Track 1 Chakra-Link Introduction
Track 2 Altered-State Preparation
Track 3 Conditioning & Testing Meditation
Track 4 Preparation for Chakra-Link Meditation
Track 5 Chakra-Link Meditation
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