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74 minute Course Soul Blueprints

Written by:
Dick Sutphen
Narrated by:
Dick Sutphen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
1 hour 13 minutes
74 minute Course Soul Blueprints

To what degree is your life predestined? What kind of soul contracts have you made with yourself and others? While still in spirit, before incarnating upon the earth, you worked out a life-plan. Astrological timing and place of birth set you on upon destiny's pathway. Major relationships and important key events were part of the plan, to fulfill karma and provide learning opportunities.
On this audio, the first altered-state session is a Pre-birth-Planning Regression. Dick Sutphen regresses you back to the time in spirit when you were working out your present life with Guides and Masters. You will look at some of your decisions and if you structured relationships to last or if your learning dictated the outcomes. Career directions are explored. Why did you pick your parents? Much more is explored before Dick directs you up into Higher Self - the all-knowing level of mind. Here, you directly communicate with your spirit guide through 'thought language,' to find out what changes you need to make to fulfill your life-plan.
Dick follows this session with some Q&A processing, before directing a second altered-state session on Potential Changes. You will explore the changes you need to fulfill your life plan. This is powerful processing that can send your life in a new direction. This course is a condensed version of a workshop Dick has conducted all over the world. 

Track 1 Introduction
Track 2 Altered-Stated Preparation
Track 3 Pre-Birth Planning Regression
Track 4 Questions
Track 5 Potential Changes Session
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