The Alchemy of the Enneagram in Transforming Addiction

The Alchemy of the Enneagram in Transforming Addiction

Written by:
Michael Naylor
Narrated by:
Caleb Summers
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
9 hours 42 minutes
The Alchemy of the Enneagram in Transforming Addiction describes the distinct differences between the nine Enneagram types and their particular addiction struggles, protective mechanisms, relapse patterns, and key strategies for each type that will allow them to become conscious and drug-free men. 

Written for professionals in the addiction field-therapists, counselors, coaches, spiritual directors, mental health practitioners, and sponsors in 12-step programs-the book offers the author's understanding of the wisdom of the Enneagram and discusses in-the-trenches experiences that professionals will encounter when dealing with men in early recovery and beyond.

'The Alchemy of the Enneagram in Transforming Addiction is inspiring, informative, deeply personal, and uplifting. Michael imparts the invaluable teachings of the Enneagram in a way that is personal, passionate, engages the mind, and touches the heart. I know that Michael's new book will become a staple in every addiction professional's repertoire.'

-Leah Chyten, LMSW, Diamond Heart Teacher, author of Light, Radiance, Splendor
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