8 Steps to Create the Life You Want: The Anatomy of a Successful Life

Written by:
Dr. Creeflo A. Dollar
Narrated by:
Leonard Dozier

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2008
3 hours 16 minutes
Don't wait until tomorrow for the life you want today. Dr. Creflo A. Dollar illuminates eight steps to the magnificent life you crave!

Confidence, peace, and abundant life -- we all long for these things. In this life-changing book, author and renowned pastor Dr. Creflo A. Dollar challenges readers to stop wishing for a satisfying life. Instead, Dr. Dollar proclaims, we should be claiming the success that God promises today. We do not have to be defined by past failures or mediocrity; we must move forward into the richness available to us right now. God has designed a glorious destiny for each of us, and all we have to do is take hold of it. In order to seize our destiny, each of us must be willing to radically transform our lives. 'If you don't like the way you feel,' says Dollar, 'you've got to change the way you think.' By taking manageable steps along the way, each of us can achieve life to the fullest -- until it overflows.
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