9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Wisdom, Strategies and Tactics for Abundant Wealth

Written by:
Dr. John Demartini
Narrated by:
Tim Andres Pabon
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
6 hours 38 minutes
It’s time to build your fortune!

If your goal is to have your passive income exceed your active income so that you’re free to do what you love, meaning you work because you love to, not because you have to, then let John Demartini teach you the proven psychology and strategies for wealth building.

He offers inspiring insights on how to master the inner mindset of wise investing, effective and efficient strategies for creating money making opportunities, a step by step pathway for amassing a great fortune, and the truth about instant gratifying speculations fantasies.

Demartini created these 9 financial mastery tools to help you build your fortune:
Nine essential questions to know the answer determining if you are truly committed to wealth building and financial independence.
Six steps to wealth building that raise the probability of you following through the proven strategies of wealth building.
Dr John Demartini’s Forced Accelerated Savings and Investment Techniques.
The differences between saving, investing and speculating, including non-zero sum gains.
The proven key to increasing profit margins.
The compound interest effect which is often overlooked by most who claim to be investors.
The mindset of the wealthy entrepreneur and their hierarchy of values.
Individual trouble shooting to help you breakthrough previous conscious or unconscious beliefs that are misleading and limiting.
The subordination effect and how it can hold you
Whether you want to scale up or start a new business, whatever stage your business evolution is at, this book will teach you how to have an ever expanding source of income, to be saved and invested to build your financial independence.
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