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Organizing From the Inside Out

Written by:
Julie Morgenstern
Narrated by:
Julie Morgenstern

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2000
2 hours 14 minutes
Hundreds of thousands of people have broken through the clutter and streamlined their lives with Julie Morgenstern's proven techniques. There's no magic, no mystery. Getting organized is a skill that anyone can learn. The beauty of Julie's system, honed during her many years as a professional organizer, is that it enables you to design a unique organizing plan based on your individual goals, natural habits, and psychological needs -- a plan that will work with your personality rather than against it. Let Julie Morgenstern set you free to live the life you dream about.
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Didn't do anything for me. I had a hard time finishing it. It is mostly common sense and really didn't offer many tips, just a lot of psych babble. I wouldn't recommend it.

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Super Commuter

The one part I did find interesting and useful was the concept that in some situations something in your psychological makeup can cause you to be self-defeating and make ever feeling or staying organized impossible. The author’s ideas in that area were interesting and helpful, and that's why I gave it two stars instead of one. The rest of it, however, was too simple and silly for me. It may be because I already have most things mostly organized; maybe if you were a total mess you would get something more out of it than I did? I was tuning it out most of the time impatiently waiting for it to end so I could move on to another more interesting tape.

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Did a good job going behind clutter. I thought it needed more detailed tips and tricks to help you.

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