Trump: How to Get Rich

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Donald J. Trump

Narrated By: Barry Bostwick

Date: April 2004

Duration: 4 hours 54 minutes


First he made two billion dollars.
Then he made The Apprentice.
Now The Donald shows you how to make a fortune, Trump style.
Read by Barry Bostwick with an introduction read by the Author

Real estate titan, bestselling author, and TV impresario Donald J. Trump reveals the secrets of his success. Over the years, everyone has urged Trump to write on this subject, but it wasn't until NBC and executive producer Mark Burnett asked him to star in The Apprentice that he realized just how hungry people are to learn how great personal wealth is created and first-class businesses are run.
In Trump: How To Get Rich, Trump tells all -- about the lessons learned from The Apprentice, his real estate empire, his position as head of the 20,000-member Trump Organization, and his most important role, as a father who has successfully taught his children the value of money and hard work.
With his characteristic brass and smarts, Trump offers insights on how to:
• Invest wisely
• Impress the boss and get a raise
• Manage a business efficiently
• Hire, motivate, and fire employees
• Negotiate anything
• Maintain the quality of your brand
• Think big and live large
Plus, The Donald tells all on the art of the hair!


  • Chais

    Anyone thinking they can read a book and have it give you exact detailed steps on how to get rich, better wake up. Authors like Trump and Kiyosaki can tell us what has happened in their own lives, and about situations that helped them become rich. But they can't make us grow a backbone, be creative, or start taking risks. That it is up to us! We can use their books and articles to help guide us in the right direction, but in the end it is up to us. This book was an amazing comeback story and it does give SOME practical examples and situations that we might try to attempt and follow if we have the guts to do so. I believe people should make their own decisions in life. Don't let negative people / reviewers hold you back from taking a step that could possibly make you grow.

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  • BigDan

    The first half of this audio book was good advice, but the last half of it was entertaining filler. I agree with one of the previous reviewers. You can get all the advice in the world, but you still need to grow a pair and act. I think if you listen to enough of these audiobooks you begin to see a pattern of the characteristics needed to succeed. See what works for you and do it!

  • Kelvin Z.

    I was diappointed. I expected some good tips on how to get rich. None really given. Its all about trump talking about himself and how great he is. It was boring. The only interesting thing was a week in the life of trump. Wow! No real substance, no real advise, if you want to know more about trump get it. If you want to get rich, this is not the book.

  • Richard Zdanis

    Trump did it again! Although this book isn't for everyone, it IS for Donald Trump appreciators. At first, this book seems like a mess of Donald talking about himself again. Maybe that's why this got an average so far, of only 2 stars. BUT, DON'T LET THAT FOOL YOU! The book really has to be analyzed "between the lines." In otherwords, if one looks at this as just a book, it's terrible. However, if it is used as a reference and reviewed MORE than just once, I found it a very valuable resource and very informative. Don't forget to read his "week" journal!

  • Jaymie DeWitt

    The forward was read by Trump and it was cool to be talked to by him... I was disappointed that he didn't narrate the entire book.

  • Anonymous

    Entertaining, but no substance. Agree with other reviews that he spends a lot of time name dropping and talking about how wonderful he is. Turned off by his advice that verbally abusing people and vendication are the right way to do business. WOW -- you can tell he has always had a lot of money and never suffered to gain his position. Pathetic somehow, but worth listening to if you want to learn what makes him tick.

  • Anonymous

    This really isn't a bad book. He gives alot of good pointers on how to deal with various types of people. He also gives his 2 cents on on how to do business in the real world. If you pay attention to the the points you will learn something. It was fun to listen to the stories also. I have listened to worse books. If you like Donald Trump and his "tell it like it is" attitude then you will like this book. If you don't, then don't get it.

  • Anonymous

    Fun! Mr. Trump is no Napoleon Hill but I enjoyed his amusing tales. It may not be about how to make money but it does give some great advice on the type of people to be surrounded by to be successful.

  • Scott in FL

    It was tough giving this book one star. This book is nothing but five hours of "The Donald" patting himself on the back and dropping names. The title "How to Get Rich" is funny because there is absolutely no information on how to get rich. Don't waste your time.

  • Marc Harfeld

    Don't get me wrong; I love Trump. There can be no doubt about it. He is a one of a kind, and probably one of the best big thinkers out there. However, this book is for the dogs. The book never gets to the first word in the title, "How", and jumps right to "Ain't it great to be here!?!". Don't be sold a false bill of goods. The only thing I learned is that the hair color isn't natural.

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by Donald J. Trump

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Trump: How to Get Rich, Donald J. Trump
Trump: How to Get Rich, Donald J. Trump
This title is due for release on April 1, 2004.

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Trump: How to Get Rich, Donald J. Trump
This title is due for release on April 1, 2004
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Trump: How to Get Rich, Donald J. Trump
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Trump: How to Get Rich, Donald J. Trump

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