The Breakthrough Factor: Creating a Life of Value for Success and Happiness

Written by:
Henry Marsh
Narrated by:
Henry Marsh

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 1997
1 hour 30 minutes
Use the power of principles to transform your life.
In his repeated bids for Olympic gold, Henry Marsh learned that the highest degree of reward and satisfaction is to be found in the unswerving pursuit of personal excellence. The Breakthrough Factor is Marsh's comprehensive plan to achieve a life of value by determining what principles or values to live by and thus find the fulfillment and reward we all desire.
Here, Marsh provides a plan for clarifying dreams, rooting out negative influences, setting priorities, establishing plans of action, and meeting goals. He shows how to ensure incredible results in all spheres of life -- in relationships, financial circumstances, career decisions, physical health -- by making choices and arranging priorities around a fruitful set of values and beliefs.
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