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The Portable Coach: Twenty-Eight Sure-Fire Strategies for Business and Personal Success

Written by:
Thomas J. Leonard
Narrated by:
Jesse Boggs

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 1998
2 hours 0 minutes
Thomas J. Leonard is the father of personal coaching, an explosively growing movement, as well as the founder of Coach University, a virtual university that has trained thousands of personal coaches in thirty countries.

Now, in The Portable Coach, Leonard presents his 28-step Principles of Attraction program -- an exciting, profoundly transformational system that will reorient your approach to life and help you attract success, happiness, and fulfillment as surely as a magnet draws steel. Originally developed for the professional coaches at Coach University, Leonard's set of strategies draws on wisdom from psychology, career counseling, management consulting, personal growth programs, motivational training, and good old common sense. By employing the strategies in The Portable Coach you will:

- Discover What Matters Most to You
- Stop Chasing Success and Let it Find You
- Get that Promotion You Deserve
- Clean Up Your Personal Finances
- Organize Your Life

The Portable Coach is the closest possible thing to having the inventor of the personal coaching movement in your corner. A vigorous, highly encouraging blueprint for success, this audiobook will teach you a lively new way of honoring yourself and remaking the world on your own terms!

Copyright © 1998 by Thomas J. Leonard.

Performance copyright 1998, Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved.
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