The Millionaire Mind

Written by:
Thomas J. Stanley
Narrated by:
Cotter Smith

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2000
12 hours 30 minutes
Do you have the millionaire mind?
The runaway bestseller The Millionaire Next Door told us who America's wealthy really are. The Millionaire Mind tells how they got there, and how to become one of them. Inside, you'll discover the surprising answers to questions such as...
What success factors made them wealthy in one generation?
What part did luck and school play?
How do they find the courage to take financial risks?
How did they find their ideal vocations?
What are they spouses like and how did they choose them?
How do they run their households?
How do they buy and sell their homes?
What are their favorite leisure activities?

To become a millionaire, you have to think like one. The Millionaire Mind tells you how.
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Bart Gabriel

I listened to the abridged 2 hour version. It's to the point with thought provoking insights and reminders (or re-assertors) points of view and behaviours that you know yourself are good for achieving a good balance sheet. Being only 2 hours long it is succinct enough not to drag on and make you switch off. Will listen to it again in time, gladly.

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Josh J.

Great book with great info.

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I was sad when this book was done! There are so many gems. I will listen again and write notes!

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Moetaz Soubjaki

Its not an advance book, professionals will not benefit from it. Old one

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There is truly about 4 CD's worth of valuable and interesting information. Unfortunately, the book fills 12 CD's. How you could listen to this entire book and not find it repetitive is beyond me. I forced myself to listen to the entire thing, partially because I have a very long commute and my next selection was not here yet, but also to see if it brought any new insights. It did not. Houses in established neighborhoods, supportive spouse, no high SAT scores, tenacious, see I did that without notes because I have it memorized from listening to it once. Maybe that's why he did it??

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I thought this was a great book. Filled with details, statistics, stories, and encouragement. It shows a lot of research and devotion to the people who have amassed a million dollar net worth or higher. A definite read for anyone interested in what Millionaires think and do.

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Josh Brill

Reviewers who didn't read the whole book are the ones with the narrow mind. As you read many of the negative reviews one can only think that these individuals by far had no real mind set for such a book. This is not a get rich and this is how to do it book. This is the real life story of "The Grasshopper and Ant" we learned as children. This book identifies the main qualities REAL millionaires have and tells many short stories about their successes and failures. It is not how much you make a year that defines a millionaire; it is ones net worth that defines such a title. This is an excellent book!!

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Muriel Rand

I can't believe this book was published. The author presents characteristics of millionaires and it is SO repetitive I sent it back after a couple of disks - the same points, over and over again. How many times does he need to tell us that SAT scores are not correlated with being a millionaire? I bet he said that 50 times in two disks. Enough already. There's nothing here that is not obvious - "you need tenacity and courage to be a millionaire". There- I've told you the whole book so you don't need to waste your time! One star is too much.

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Denise Dyck

I thought this was an easy listen and interesting. It is not a how to book but would help clarify what is not important in building wealth. I had my 15 year old son listen to the profile of a millionaire from the book and I think he was very surprised. I hope it will help him realize how easy it could be to be a millionaire and how he probably wouldn't realize how many he might encounter and not even know it.

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I found this to be way too repetitive. I couldn't get past the second CD before I decided to send it back. Pretty obvious information, but if you don't know I guess it could be helpful.

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Although some of the reviews indicated the information in the tape was common knowledge, it provided several different ideas that can easily be incorporated. It really gives you some things to think about when you are making financial decisions and looking back at previous decisions you have made.

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Dave Paulson

I found myself mostly thinking "yeah, so." There are some points worth the listen, but overall, unless the reader is terribly naive or narrow minded, you won't find anything new here. The book is short and easy to listen to but don't expect any revelations.

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Robert Bacarella

I found this book to be very insightful as to what the real millionaire's are like in America. Hollywood has it all wrong. Some might say that it was too long but I found if to be a breeze to listen to and the CD's flowed very well. This is not a "how to" book or a get-rich-quick CD. I just wanted facts and that is what this book presented. I would recommend to my friends and I would also listen to it again.

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Bev Berry

The first four (really 2) of these CD's were so unsatisfying that I didn't even finish all of them, took the rest off my list and sent them back. It was very boring, very repetitive, and offered no ideas for change. I have read other books on this subject that offers the concepts and then follows with ideas of what you can do to change your "mind." This was repetition of the same information and really nothing else.

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Nelson Howell

At first I thought pace seemed slow and a repetitous, but on further listening, it became very clear that there was method to the author's pacing. He is careful to build a firm foundation for the next idea on the agenda of thoughts. I found the ideas presented, very clear and thought provoking. The author does not tell you what to do or think, he simply presents facts in such a way that you are able to use. I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in advancing their financial well being.

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David Ludwig

Good info, but repeats the same things several times. My biggest complaint is several of the discs were scratched.

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Content was interesting though not much more insightful than Millionaire Next Store. This book could have conveyed its main points in 10% of the volume of words and text. Guess he was just trying to fill the pages. Save yourself the time and just listen to the first disc of the twelve.

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I liked Dr Thomas Stanley's ideas and classifications of traits. His survery of simple human aspects is very intriguing. The CDs are very repetititititious. This CD would have be very effective if presented in 4 CD format rather than 12 CD. Good ideas get lost in the verbal jungle.

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Adam Emery

One of the most inspiring books I have ever read or listened to. Thomas Stanley is easily the most credible thinker in a field so practical and important that it has replaced religion for many. If you want to be wealthy AND happy AND ethical, you must understand how those who have managed to have it all rose above their peers.

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Rod Yacko

You do not have to be a genius or highly intellect individual with high SAT score and PHD to be able to be successful in today's business. High integrity, honesty and being able to take caculated risks are reasons behind today's Millionares. Also having discipline and tenasity to be successful and beliving in oneself and their potential would soon lead to a successful ending.

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Excellent insights into the common characteristics of self made millionaires. As good as the Millionaire Next Door. The first four discs are well worth listening to, but the next eight kind of bog down. A must for every parent and educator!

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Luc Richard (

Overall, I thought The Millionaire Mind audio books were very interesting. They cover different areas (lifestyle, religion, choise of spouse, etc...) and some of more interesting than others, but I thought it did a great job at explaining how millionaires think and behave. The author basically describes the "mind" of millionaires he's studied throughout his career. He explains, from a statistical standpoint, how these millionaires manage their money, purchase a house, car or furniture, select their spouse, etc... He also enumerates the various career choices of millionaires, which I thought was very interesting and not at all what I would have expected. The whole book is a bit long and could have been abbreviated, but it's worth your time nevertheless.

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I really liked this book over all, but, after listening to the first 8 disks, I found these last parts unnecessary. They are just a summary of the first 2 parts. Save yourself the rental.

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Very interesting - good factual information - Millionaires stats sure were surprising on how they live and what they practice in their every day lives- Worth listening to.

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Daniel Burbol

This book is fantastic. When it was over, I wished there was more. The author very rarely gives his opinion, instead it’s always “The majority of millionaires polled __blank__” or “73% of millionaires polled __blank___”. The “blanks” are things like: “live well within their means”, “only invest in houses that are close to excellent public schools, and thus don’t find need to send their kids to private schools”, “invest when the economy is not booming”, “have been married to the same person for 20+ years”, etc. What I like about this book is that the author stuck to his topic of relaying his findings on the millionaires he surveyed/met with. It’s not a book of “I think this is what you Should Do”, its a book of “this is what thousands of successful millionaires Did Do, and Continue To Do.” This book is pure gold to anyone who has a mind open enough to listen to its teachings. I will be purchasing a copy of this book, and will read it countless times over the course of my life time.

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Ronald Hayden

The Millionaire Next Door was an eye-opening book filled with surprising revelations that could change your life. The Millionaire Mind is not so much, but it's still worth listening to. There's an awful lot of repetition of points in the first third of the book. But there is also valuable information on starting and running a business, and on how to select and buy homes. Where the first book mostly covered the frugality of millionaires, this book goes into depth on other issues. It's not a repeat, and if you are serious about reaching millionaire status it's absolutely worth it, though if you only listen to one, make it Millionaire Next Door! The narrator does a fine job.

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