Hand of Evil

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2007
5 hours 52 minutes
New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance returns with her “compelling…satisfying” (USA TODAY) third novel in the gripping suspense series featuring ex-television journalist Ali Reynolds.

With his hand trapped in the door of a speeding car, a man struggles to remain upright as he’s dragged along a deserted stretch of San Juan Road in Phoenix’s South Mountain Preserve. It’s the perfect place to drive a man to his grave—literally. Starting with a crime so gruesome even prowling coyotes keep their distance from the remains, a killer begins crisscrossing the Southwest on a spree of grisly murders.

A hundred miles away, Ali Reynolds is grieving. The news-casting job she once delighted in is gone—and so is the philandering husband she loved and thought she knew. When a member of the family who gave Ali a generous scholarship decades earlier suddenly asks her for a meeting, Ali wonders what it can mean. Before she can satisfy her curiosity, though, Ali receives another startling call: a friend’s teenage daughter has disappeared. Ali offers to help. But in doing so, she unknowingly begins a quest that will reveal a deadly ring of secrets, at the center of which stand two undiscriminating killers.

Hand of Evil is Jance at her best, weaving a masterful story of suspense that travels over generations, exposing two very different women with the same horrifying secret. Will Ali become a victim herself, or will she escape from a deadly deceit that no amount of security—financial or emotional—can cover up?
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Selena McGill

Multiple plots going on simultaneously make for an intriguing read!

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estella krebs

I really enjoy the way she includes more than one storyline. It reall keeps your interest and attention.

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A good read, interesting, but so improbable as to make you roll your eyes. 1) An elderly lady - must be in her 80's is found to be a murderer, and kidnaps Ali. 2) She kidnaps her in a yellow Rolls Royce! Like the police can't find this one in a heartbeat. 3) Kidnapper takes Ali to a distant location, get out of the car, shoots a glass jar containing (the kidnapper's) brother's hand - which has been in a bottle of formaldehyde for 70 years. Then drives calmly back to her home where the butler greets and disarms her. Oh, please! Still an interesting read.

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Another very good story from J. A. Jance! Good story line- keeps you right there on edge. Shouldn't want to sleep though this one. Great story!

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I prefer unabridged books but this was the only one available. It is the usual good story that J.A. Jance can weave. I think I prefer her Joanna Brady series but did enjoy this one. I was surprised at the ending and feel I have been left hanging or maybe I should use my own imagination to finish the story. Good for a short trip or walk.

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