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The Reapers: A Thriller

Written by:
John Connolly
Narrated by:
Jay O. Sanders

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2008
6 hours 23 minutes
Darkly brilliant and intuitive private detective Charlie Parker returns in the next thrilling installment of the New York Times bestselling series by John Connolly about an elite group of killers.

The Reapers are the elite of killers, the best at their trade, and Louis, confidante of troubled private detective Charlie Parker, is one of their number. Now the sins of his past are about to be visited upon him, for someone is hunting Louis, targeting his home, his businesses, and his partner, Angel. The instrument of his revenge is Bliss, the killer of killers, the most feared of assasins, and a man with a personal vendetta against Louis.

But when Louis and Angel decide to strike back, they disappear, and their friends are forced to band together to find them. They are led by Parker, a killer himself, a reaper in waiting...

The harvest is about to begin.
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Maybe not the best book in the series but if you like Angel and Louis then this book gives some nice insight into their relationship. If you just want to pick up where the story in the last book left off with Charlie this one is okay to skip but I liked it and am glad I read it.

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nancy golightly

Worst book ever! Very, very boring. Don't waste your time. No action, too many characters with weird names.

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