Greedy Bastards: Corporate Communists, Banksters, and the Other Vampires Who Suck America Dry

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Dylan Ratigan

Narrated By: Dylan Ratigan

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: January 2012

Duration: 7 hours 0 minutes


The host of the eponymous MSNBC show, Dylan Ratigan offers a bold and original post-partisan program to resuscitate the American Dream.

At a time of deep concern with the state of America’s economy and government, it seems that all the media can give us is talking (or screaming) heads who revel in partisan brinkmanship. Then there’s Dylan Ratigan—an award-winning journalist respected and admired across the political spectrum. In Greedy Bastards, he rips the lid off of our deeply crooked system—and offers a way out.

Employing the nuanced reporting and critical analysis that have earned him so much respect, Ratigan describes the five “vampires” that are sucking the nation dry, including an educational system that values mediocrity above all else; a healthcare system that is among the priciest and least-effective infrastructures in the industrialized world; a political system in which lobbyists write legislation; a “master-slave” relationship with our Chinese bankers; and an addiction to foreign oil that has sapped our willingness to innovate. In offering solutions to these formidable and entrenched obstacles, he does nothing less than lay the groundwork for a political movement dedicated to tackling the rot at the heart of the country.

In its desperation, America needs more than just endless stock tips and Wall Street navel-gazing. It needs passionate debate and smart policy—and a hero to take on the establishment. Dylan Ratigan is that hero, and this is the work that will rally people behind him.


  • Philip Hodge

    I have never heard of this guy before. Apparently he has a cable tv show or something. But I will definitely seek out anything and everything he has written or said because he is spot on. Many rants against the prevailing economic system are just that - angry rants delivered by angry little people. Ratigan isn't one of them. He's not out to condemn capitalism, communism, or any economic system per se, he's out to expose those who would simply profit thru trickery rather than thru true productivity and honest labor. As an African American, I know America ain't perfect but we have a shot at making the world what it should be. But we will need to take control away from the short sighted greedy bastards who stand in the way of progress.

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  • brian pezzillo

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! They say the truth hurts. By the time you finish this baby you'll have a massive migraine. Sure as hell opened my eyes. He connects the dots easy enough for a 5 year old to understand.

Greedy Bastards: Corporate Communists, Banksters, and the Other Vampires Who Suck America Dry

by Dylan Ratigan

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Greedy Bastards: Corporate Communists, Banksters, and the Other Vampires Who Suck America Dry, Dylan Ratigan