The Stranger Beside Me

Written by:
Ann Rule
Narrated by:
Lorelei King

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2012
18 hours 31 minutes
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Ann Rule, “America’s best true-crime writer” (Kirkus Reviews), her unforgettable classic account of the horrifying murders in the Pacific Northwest and her shock when she discovered her friend—Ted Bundy—was not only a suspect but also one of the most prolific serial killers in American history.

Meeting in 1971 at a Seattle crisis clinic, Ann Rule and Ted Bundy developed a friendship and correspondence that would span the rest of his life. Rule had no idea that when they went their separate ways, their paths would cross again under shocking circumstances.

The Stranger Beside Me is Rule’s compelling firsthand account of not just her relationship with Bundy, but also his life—from his complicated childhood to the media circus of his trials. Astonishing in its intimacy and with Rule’s clear-eyed prose, you can’t help but share in her growing horror at discovering that her friend was one of the most notorious American serial killers.

An unforgettable and haunting work of research, journalism, and personal memories, The Stranger Beside Me is “as dramatic and chilling as a bedroom window shattering at midnight” (The New York Times).
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Jacob B.

Great book

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Kristen F.

This book was interesting, but exhausting. Written like a 500 page police report.

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Neil Purcell

A fascinating book by someone close to a serial killer. However, Ann seems intent on awarding credulity to psychics and astrologers, people who have no place in the world of forensics. Rule even seems annoyed that the police guffaw at her when she mentions that her friend with magical powers has something to say about the murders. I'm sorry, Ann Rule fans, I have to take a couple stars off for that one. Reader was good.

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Cecilie Moholt

Fantastic truecrime! So many details and exiting

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A true crime classic....

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Great intense narration

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Sally M.

Fascinating book. So much about Bundy, his activities, his actions, his trial, his ending I didn't know. Definitely worth the read if you enjoy true crime!

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Veronica G.

This was a very interesting book!!

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Mary Pockrandt

Anne Rule was the queen!! Loved all the information! Man what that must have felt like not knowing who Ted was!!

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Leonie S.


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Shelbie G.

Very detailed and amazing book from a person's poi t of view close to Ted. Narrator took a little getting used to but it was fine after a while.

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Rebecca O.

The narrator is so talented! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to every minute of Ann Rule’s shocking experience!

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Megen O.

I absolutely loved how detailed this is! it is very informational yet a great story of knowing a crazed killer. The narrator sounds very calming and tolerable!!

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Eric C.

A very detailed account of Ted Bundy’s awful actions. Absolutely awful. I particularly liked the author’s perspective on everything. Thanks to the vast number of videos available online about Ted Bundy, I was able to add to my existing knowledge of his (once again) awful actions.

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Very good.

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N Smiley

Chilling! Learned details about Bundy's crimes never publicly revealed.

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Corinne W

Bundy from a personal experience. Excellent true crime account.

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michelle n

Having known Ted Bundy personally before he became the Ted Bundy of serial killer legend, Ann Rule writes a totally compelling and interesting tale. If you're interested in the Bundy story this is the book for you.

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Jennifer P

Fantastic book!! Ted Bundy scared me as a child and I remember his execution. To hear the whole story was truly fascinating...a must read for those who love true crime and of course the great Anne Rule.?

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Joe Murphy

Very interesting book!! Ann Rule did a beautiful good job in introducing Ted Bundy as she knew him. I would definitely recommend the book to true crime book lovers.

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Vanessa Lyon

I loved the book the way it was written just kept me on the edge of my seat all the time and the narrator was absolutely amazing with how she changed her voice to fit the story!

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Eva Ferrell

This book was an excellent introduction to Ted Bundy. While I knew who he was And of the Florida victims, I was misinformed on his other crimes. My first true crime novel & boy did it take me down the rabbit's hole. I did appreciate how the tone of the novel changed as Ann's opinion of Ted changed. An excellent read (listen). I would suggest not listening before bed-kept me up some nights.

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Samantha Lenard

Best true crime book!!! A must read! Incredible insight into Ted Bundy by someone who knew him personally.

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Mary Olp

Great book. Crazy to get that insight into a serial killer. The narrator is great.

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Chris Winans

Excellent read. We'll written, lots of new info on Ted bundy and it went really quick

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HOLLY Rivera

My favorite book yet! This is great detail and so interesting into the life of Ted bundy!! Definitely a must!

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Martha Stephens

A decent read. The author's writing does feel a little dated and stilted. I also found her describing every victim as beautiful a little sexist and incorrect. Regardless, Ted Bundy was truly evil and I was horrified and fascinated by him throughout this book.

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Darlene Manes

A brilliant, up close view of Ted Bundy. Ann Rule is the best, this was the premier of her talent.

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