Written by:
Stephen King
Narrated by:
Dennis Boutsikaris

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
14 hours 53 minutes
Master storyteller Stephen King presents the classic #1 New York Times bestseller—now a major motion picture!

Andy McGee and Vicky Tomlinson were once college students looking to make some extra cash, volunteering as test subjects for an experiment orchestrated by the clandestine government organization known as The Shop. But the outcome unlocked exceptional latent psychic talents for the two of them—manifesting in even more terrifying ways when they fell in love and had a child. Their daughter, Charlie, has been gifted with the most extraordinary and uncontrollable power ever seen—pyrokinesis, the ability to create fire with her mind. Now the merciless agents of The Shop are in hot pursuit to apprehend this unexpected genetic anomaly for their own diabolical ends by any means necessary...including violent actions that may well ignite the entire world around them as Charlie retaliates with a fury of her own...
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Back in 1984, I saw the movie with Drew Barrymore but never read the book. Obviously, way more detail than the movie. It was good to revisit this classic again and fleet the finer details.

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It seems to move kind of slow for me, but it was all right.

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craig specht

Interesting book. Good storyline. Narrator did a good job.

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Jon E.

Good book but typical king anticlimactic ending

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Marcus Johnson

This book took time to grow on me but when it finally did, I enjoyed it. The story follows many familiar King themes, similar to Carrie in many ways, but the addition of the a government agency that tracks down these people made for an interesting change of pace. Worth a go around but if you start it, finish it. You won't be mad you did.

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