Written by:
V.C. Andrews
Narrated by:
Candace Thaxton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
14 hours 20 minutes
From the legendary New York Times bestselling author of Flowers in the Attic and My Sweet Audrina (now Lifetime movies) comes the first book in the Casteel Family series—for fans of Emma Donoghue (Room) and Kay Hooper (Amanda).

Of all the folks on the mountain, the Casteel children are the lowest. Even the families that buy them think so.

Heaven Leigh Casteel may be the prettiest, smartest girl in the backwoods, but her cruel father and weary stepmother work her like a mule. For the sake of her brother Tom and the other little ones, Heaven clings to the hope that someday she can show the world that they are worthy of love and respect.

But when the children’s stepmother can’t take it anymore and abandons the family, Heaven’s father hatches a scheme that will alter her young life forever. Being sold to a strange couple is just the beginning; ripping away the thin veneer of civilization and learning the adult secrets of the world around her means Heaven must abandon someone, too—the child she was, to become the woman her mother never had the chance to be.
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Marjorie Carr

Great read, kept me intrigued. On to the next in the series.

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Kelly L.

Heaven is a book over the years that I've read and read again. One of V.C Andrews original pieces that is dark & twisted as well as achingly beautiful & heart wrenching.

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Anita J.

I started watching heaven and I want to start the book to compare the 2 I love V.C Andrews

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