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Book Rating (14)

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Her Steadfast HERO & Her Devoted HERO

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Caitlyn O'leary

Narrated By: Aiden Snow

Date: July 2019

Duration: 8 hours 39 minutes


Her Steadfast Hero (Book 1)

When the hospital is overrun by the most brutal of convicts that escaped during the earthquake, and an American doctor is held for ransom, the Navy SEAL unit Black Dawn is called in. Can David Sloane and Black Dawn rescue Dr. Carys Adams before it is too late? Through all the turmoil will David and Sarah realize that their time has finally come, and they were meant to be together?

Her Devoted Hero (Book 2)

When one of her co-workers is murdered and it looks like Kenna might be the next one in the killer's crosshairs, Dex is determined to keep her safe. But with a target on her back, it's really hard to keep a shield over her heart.


  • Donita J.

    HER STEADFAST HERO (Black Dawn Book 1) By Caitlyn O'leary HER DEVOTED HERO (Black Dawn Book 2) By Caitlyn O'Leary Book #1 This is the story of an Army investigator David Sloane and former Army nurse Sarah Kyle, who is now with Doctors Without Borders. They meet when David is sent to a small Island to see about two missing Army soldiers who have been imprisoned. The day he gets there the island is hit by a devastating earthquake that destroys the prison and a bunch of convicts escape. He is tasked with putting the prison back to rights and apprehending the escapees. They see each other for the 1st time in four years when she is tending to a patient. Neither has gotten over the other. I loved this story. It has everything danger, angst, intensity, and endless passionate chemistry. Book #2 This is the story of Navy Seal Dex Evans and Nurse Kenna Wright who is a single mom of a teenage son. When his fellow Seal team members prank him by setting him up an online dating personal ad Dex is not happy. He spends four days contacting over 200 women to cancel and explain he had been hacked. When Dex gets to Kenna's ad, he is just totally intrigued by her. When one of her coworkers is murdered, it looks like Kenna may be next on the killer's list. Dex is crazy about Kenna from the start, but due to a teenage pregnancy and a bad divorce Kenna is very gun shy. I also loved this story too. It again has the danger, angst, intensity, and endless passionate chemistry and some great banter. Aiden Snow does the narrating on both of these books. He has a very nice deep voice and does a great job with the voices. I could listen to him all day!

  • Sandy K.

    Box set of the first 2 books in the Black Dawn series! In book 1 we meet David and Sarah. David is an MP who has been sent to find out what happened when 2 enlisted men are arrested and imprisoned on foreign soil. He never expected a major earthquake to hit and for the island to need his help in order to not only round up vicious prisoners that have escaped but to also help protect the people that have been sent in to help. Sarah is a nurse that has come in with doctor's without borders in order to help provide medical care to the people that have been hurt. She never expects to see David or for the old feelings to still be there. But at the end of the day, she knows that she has to take this chance to see if what they have can be something more. I absolutely loved the introduction to this series! David and Sarah have so much sense of responsibility to others that sometimes they forget to take time for themselves. And I totally loved that about them! They have a beautiful chemistry and are just perfect for each other. The fact that they both would be willing to step aside and let the other go and do something that they dream of or just feel like they need to do is something that is beyond rare. Beautiful couple! In book 2 we meet Dex and Kenna. Dex's teammates thought it would be funny to sign him up for a dating site as a prank. And while he is going through all the emails and writing back that it was not him that put it up, he comes across an email from Kenna. And he is intrigued by her responses along with being amused. Kenna is a single mother who has put her child before everything, including a life for herself outside of that. But when a murder happens and the police think it could be connected to the dating site-her life may be in danger before they can find out what they truly may have. I absolutely loved Kenna! She cracks me up to no end and doesn't take anything from anyone! The things that pop out of her mouth just kept me laughing to no end. Throw Dex in there and the chemistry was definitely there along with the humor. There was so much going on in this book that you don't expect to happen , but for me? It made the book even better! I didn't want it to end! Aiden Snow does a beautiful job narrating these 2 books! His voice is deep and hot and just brings the characters to life for me! Because he did such a great job, I didn't want to stop listening even when it was over! So not only do you have great stories but you got a great narrator to go along with it! Perfect for me!

  • Dawn C.

    I love Caitlyn O'Leary's books and with Aiden Snow narrating them, it just makes it better. It amazes me how he can do female voices when his voice is so deep. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Aiden and re-reading Caitlyn's books.

  • Robin T.

    Caitllyn O'Leary's stories are full of the kind of people we want in the world - kind, smart, strong and with the will and means of doing the right thing, I had read these book before, but the audio version is a step above. Aiden Snow does a wonderful job bringing the characters, both male and female, to life. Book one, Her Steadfast Hero, takes place against the back drop of a devastating earthquake and introduces the reader to the Black Dawn team while book 2 centers around Dex, a member of the Black Dawn team, and Kenna, the girl he meets on a dating site. Both books are full of action, suspense, humor and plenty of steam and perfect for any reader who loves these elements. Enjoy!

  • Gladys N.

    This is a wonderful way to get the first two books in this highly enjoyable series at once. These books are filled with lots of action, excitement, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, humor, heat and heart. Book one, Her Steadfast Hero is a second chance romance set amid the backdrop of a natural disaster. David and Sarah story has plenty of emotional depth and has you rooting for this couple to get the HEA they lost out on last time. Book two, Her devoted Hero is one of my all time favorite books. Heavily dosed with both humor and sweetness, Dex and Kenna will steal your heart. Dex is an incredibly swoon worthy hero. A genuine good guy whose alpha tendencies are tempered by a big heart and sweet tenderness. He is everything Kenna deserved, but more importantly, he always tried to be what she needed. As for Kenna, she is a character that is so relatable. I think many, many readers will see themselves in her character. She is a strong, independent single mom that has a bruised and wounded heart. Their romance is heart melting sweet, laugh out loud funny and steamy. Add in a dangerous blend of murder, suspense, creepiness and stalking and this book really has you on the edge of your seat as your emotions go on a roller coaster ride. The same narrator voices both books and he does a marvelous job of it.

  • Angie S.

    Loved listening to one of my favorite authors book being read by a fantastic narrator!! This download contains the the first book in each series, Midnight Delta and Black Dawn. Both are fantastic listens, with Aiden Snow bringing them to life. If you like sexy, romantic suspense novels, this is for you!

  • Michelle R.

    So first, I absolutely LOVED how Aiden Snow narrated the stories and brought them to life! I love his deep voice and how he was able to consistently "act" out each character. Definitely a perk when listening to an audio book! Story wise, for Her Steadfast Hero.... I genuinely loved David and Sarah's story - the glimpse back at their beginning, and just how much time has gone by to get their second chance at their hea. The instant re-connection and honest communication did it for me. David had such respect, care, and bossy protectiveness towards Sarah, and she was sweet, compassionate, and just what David needed in his life. Add in the drama of the natural disaster paired with bad guys galore, and toss in a swoony Navy Seal team as backup, and you have a perfect mix of adventure and love in a short story that doesn't feel rushed. And for Her Devoted Hero... I totally adored this story - perfect mix of love story and action! Kenna's got sass that serves her well and a amazing love for her boy. Dex has the smarts, the will power and the protective instincts to meet his woman head on. They compliment each other perfectly! Throw in a bad guy story line that keeps ya guessing and a teenage boy turning to be a man and I'm swoonin' over it!

  • Beth C.

    Loved listening to Aiden Snow bring Caitlyn’s characters to life

  • Yvonne C.

    I am fairly new to this author and had read and loved Her Devoted Hero. So I decided to listen to this 2 book audio bundle. I ended up loving them even more, especially Her Devoted Hero. The book centers around Navy SEAL Dex Evans and nurse and single Mom, Kenna Wright. Dex’s friends have signed him up on an online dating service as SailorBoy69 and while they think it’s a great prank, he is not too happy. But nice guy that he is, he has decided to send all the ladies that reply a note of thank you but no thank you. When he is almost done with the 200+ replies, he finds one from Kenna. She’s been on the site but has never replied to any of the prospects but decides to write SailorBoy69 a very funny email sure he would never reply. That’s how their “friendship” begins. They meet in person and though there is an attraction, Kenna is very reserved, plus she thinks Dex would never go for someone like her. When danger arrives at Kenna’s door, Dex and his friends get serious about protecting her, her sweet son, and her Mom. I love all the characters in this book, both the main and the secondary characters. You will fall in love with Dex and Kenna. He is a protector and an honorable man, and Kenna is a mother bear when it comes to her son, who is a great kid. A story that is filled with stand up guys, an evil stalker, funny characters, touching moments, and of course, romance. Kudos to the narrator, Aiden Snow. He brings the stories to life.

  • Karen S.

    I have actually read the ebooks of these two titles, and I have found that audio books can be hit or miss depending on the narrator. Ms O'Leary hit the jackpot with Aiden, he really brought both books to life, both main characters in both books felt true to life. Obviously having a male narrate the female characters can seem odd, but I actually didn't mind it, as I could listen Aidens voice all day

Her Steadfast HERO & Her Devoted HERO

by Caitlyn O'leary

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Her Steadfast HERO & Her Devoted HERO, Caitlyn O'leary
Her Steadfast HERO & Her Devoted HERO, Caitlyn O'leary
This title is due for release on July 24, 2019.

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Her Steadfast HERO & Her Devoted HERO, Caitlyn O'leary
This title is due for release on July 24, 2019
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Her Steadfast HERO & Her Devoted HERO, Caitlyn O'leary
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Her Steadfast HERO & Her Devoted HERO, Caitlyn O'leary

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