Wings Over Summer

Written by:
Ron Powell
Narrated by:
Hannibal Hills

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
14 hours 25 minutes
Over fourteen days at the heart of the Battle of Britain, Spitfire pilots Jack and Alex struggle to survive the savage battles raging in the air over southern England.

Several times a day, they fly against overwhelming odds, witnessing the death and disfigurement of friends and enemies, and wrestling with the knowledge that the same could happen to them at any moment.

Brief periods on the ground offer little respite, with Biggin Hill subjected to frequent air raids, during which many more friends are killed.

Both Jack and Alex find love, but the battle takes its toll.
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Robin P.

An excellent performance of the material, really adds something so worth picking up even if you've already read the book.

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R D.

This is one of the best audio books I’ve listened to! This excellent story transports one back to the epic Battle of Britain days when Spitfires battled for supremacy in the air above Britain during World War 2. I read and enjoyed this book when it was first published and it’s been a great joy to revisit it in this new audio format. The narrator injects passion and enthusiasm and truly brings the book alive - particularly when listening in on the exciting mid-air dog fights with the enemy. It's as if you're sitting right next to the pilot! I highly recommend this audio version to you!

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K.J. R.

Having read the paperback version of Wings over Summer, which I really enjoyed I was intrigued to hear the audio version. Using my audiobook code I’m now in a position to leave an honest and unbiased review. I’ve given the book five stars because of the writing and content which made the story of Jack and Alex an interesting and poignant tale.. the narration also has five stars for two reasons firstly I though the voice suited the story and was amazed to hear that such an authentic British voice emanated from an American narrator. Secondly I thought he made a good attempt at the characters regional accents and know from experience how often even seasoned actors find difficulty emulating a welsh accent. So well done Ron and well done Hannibal. Also such a dramatic tale benefits from being turned into an audiobook which adds another dimension to the story.

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