Written by:
Bob Woodward
Narrated by:
Robert Petkoff

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
13 hours 22 minutes
Rage is an unprecedented and intimate tour de force of new reporting on the Trump presidency facing a global pandemic, economic disaster and racial unrest.

Woodward, the #1 international bestselling author of Fear: Trump in the White House, has uncovered the precise moment the president was warned that the Covid-19 epidemic would be the biggest national security threat to his presidency. In dramatic detail, Woodward takes readers into the Oval Office as Trump’s head pops up when he is told in January 2020 that the pandemic could reach the scale of the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed 675,000 Americans.

In 17 on-the-record interviews with Woodward over seven volatile months—an utterly vivid window into Trump’s mind—the president provides a self-portrait that is part denial and part combative interchange mixed with surprising moments of doubt as he glimpses the perils in the presidency and what he calls the “dynamite behind every door.”

At key decision points, Rage shows how Trump’s responses to the crises of 2020 were rooted in the instincts, habits and style he developed during his first three years as president.

Revisiting the earliest days of the Trump presidency, Rage reveals how Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats struggled to keep the country safe as the president dismantled any semblance of collegial national security decision making.

Rage draws from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand witnesses as well as participants’ notes, emails, diaries, calendars and confidential documents.

Woodward obtained 25 never-seen personal letters exchanged between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who describes the bond between the two leaders as out of a “fantasy film.”

Trump insists to Woodward he will triumph over Covid-19 and the economic calamity. “Don’t worry about it, Bob. Okay?” Trump told the author in July. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll get to do another book. You’ll find I was right.”

Includes excerpts from Bob Woodward’s interviews with President Donald J. Trump for Rage.
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Daniel S.

This was hard to listen to during the final two years of Trump in the White House. I finally was able to finish it when we voted Trump out of the White House. This was the reason my blood was boiling. Woodward gets to the truth as close as he can with all the research and documents he reviews and all the interviews he has done. Trump did a lousy job as President and he won't be President again. He literally killed his own people and his party continues to kill his own party with lies and mis information. Woodward your records will be noted in history and history books. Thank you.

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Pamela C.

whether Woodward agrees with him or not he is still our president and has done a wonderful job as such. what have u done woodward?

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Annoying to listen too

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Karen M.

media opinion is not facts. that is the issue with this. spanish flu killed 675,000 people. covid-19 shows 32,000 deaths which is less than the typical flu in a normal year as well as less than death by pneumonia in a typical year. Trump Does say seemly outrageous statements, what the media ignores or overlook is there is truth to the statements. just because the presentation is not welcoming to some isn't a good enough reason to believe media hype as fact. CDC Prior to Covid-19 stated from multiple studies masks do not prevent the spread of virus. ( super small ) instead of adding to the lies of the media, do a book on the media and the wording they use, ( Rage) how they influence without facts but on lies or science that states the opposite of what they are spreading. not impressed with a book that does not show the real story. if we believed the delivery and words was indicative of the outcome than Obamacare would have been insurance and not a stepping stone to socialized medicine, the Iraqi war would have ended decades ago, deadbeat dad's would be held accountable, and so much more. glad you are making money on a book with yet another negative worded title, but the journalism the author is known for has fallen for the mainstream journalism of following the one leader only.

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Enrique O.

The reputation of the author of this book has been proven to be honest and fair through years of publications and in these times when a lot is said and published as been true, but so few things are verify; this book is a relief and proof, that things still can and shud be done in such manner. Thank you.

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This book only confirmed what I already know... Donald Trump was the most catastrophic President in U.S. history.

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Nicholas J.

Important book when it first came out, showed Trump Knew about the Pandemic and failed to get the jump on it, ultimately costing the USA 100’s of thousands of deaths and trillions of dollars.

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Kurt K.

This is a fair and highly accurate account of Trump as President. Woodward is unbiased, and honest, with his dire assessment of the worst President this country has suffered through in the modern age. Trump is so uneducated, and full of himself, we will be feeling the effects of his lack of leadership for years to come. The Karen's, of course, are out in numbers trying to unfairly rate this book low, like the one below, who posted outright lies about the amount of deaths Covid caused (it is actually reported to have caused 617,517 deaths to date, which is also believed to be an under reported number when factoring in other comorbidity related deaths that were heightened by exposure to the virus). Please rely on actual data, not Fox "News", OAN, or "News" Max, to get an accurate picture of what is going on in the world, and with our political leaders. This is exactly why we need more authors like Bob Woodward, to uncover the truths regarding those who lead this country. It is a tough and hard hitting account of the inner workings of the demented Donald J. Trump, and shows why voting is so very important to determine the outcome of our fair election process. I highly recommend anyone to read this book before the next election to ensure we never let this moronic hate monger back into any office of elected leadership.

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Marjorie K.

Excellent book. Looking forward to his next book post presidency. Fair and objective in my opinion. Trump is our president, but not a very good one. This book portrays him poorly although I think accurately. All I kept thinking throughout the whole book is how can this man be our president?

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Timothy C.

Sad account of the reality of the last four years

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Murray L.

Woodward personalizes the characters of this tragicomedy. This does not make Trump more likeable. His shallowness, callousness, and lack of seriousness are on full display. I was fortunate to be listening to “Rage” while the news was enveloping of Trump’s hospitalization. It was shocking to hear Trump. when asked by Woodward If he was worried about his exposure risk, say “I’m not worried. I don’t know why not. I’m not”. After 18 tightly reported interviews - mostly without editorial comment - Woodward’s controversial assertion that Trump is not fit for the presidency seems almost redundant.

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So much of this book is just pure transcript. I think that makes it a truly unique resource for getting to know Mr. Trump in his own words. Good job.

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The Professor

It was the usual Woodward detailed book. Half way through I just lost interest in the Trumpian chaos!

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Nancy B.

Interesting but I liked All the President’s Men more.

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Travis F.

a very interesting read. lots of insight into the machinations of the Trump administration.

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Toni C.

Really good picture of Trumps first 3 years and how he got the pandemic so wrong. Woodward was Super fair and objective, in my opinion. Also helped me understand why some of those people chose to serve under him.

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