Dirty Thirty

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
8 hours 2 minutes
Janet Evanovich, the “most popular mystery writer alive” (The New York Times), is in top form as she sends Stephanie Plum on the trail of a stolen stash of dirty diamonds in this instant #1 New York Times bestseller.

Stephanie Plum, Trenton’s hardest working, most underappreciated bounty hunter, is offered an assignment that seems simple enough. Local jeweler Martin Rabner wants her to locate his former security guard, Andy Manley (a.k.a. Nutsy), who he is convinced stole a fortune in diamonds from his safe. Stephanie is also looking for another troubled man, Duncan Dugan, a fugitive from justice arrested for robbing the same jewelry store on the same day.

With her boyfriend Morelli away in Miami on police business, Stephanie is taking care of Bob, Morelli’s giant orange dog who will devour anything, from Stephanie’s stray donuts to the upholstery in her car. Morelli’s absence also means the inscrutable, irresistible security expert Ranger is front and center in Stephanie’s life when things inevitably go sideways. And he seems determined to stay there.

To complicate matters, her best friend is convinced she is being stalked by a mythological demon hell-bent on relieving her of her wardrobe. An overnight stakeout with Stephanie’s mother and Grandma Mazur reveals three generations of women with nerves of steel and driving skills worthy of NASCAR champions.

As the body count rises and witnesses start to disappear, it won’t be easy for Stephanie to keep herself clean when everyone else is playing dirty. It’s a good thing Stephanie isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty, too in this “uproarious, crazy, laugh-a-minute caper” (Booklist, starred review).
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April C.

Excellent read!

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Vicki J.

It was good. I liked it!

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Janis B.

Stephanie Plum and her friends never disappoint. The added twist at the end was awesome but now I have to wait until #31! Well played Janet Evanovich, well played!

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Always enjoyable and this did not disappoint.!

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Julie T.

It was another funny book with the characters in the Stephanie Plum series. This book provided 8 hours of giggles and stress relief in this crazy time!

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Patricia A V.

In a world where so many things have gone so bad, it's refreshing to have a Stephanie Plum book to brighten the day. A nice little twist at the end to keep me hoping that Janet Evanovich is working furiously on 31. Lorelei King is the perfect voice. I simply LOVE this series!

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Lisa H.

Stephanie and Lulu at their best. Lot of twists and red herrings in this book. Bob is the star of Dirty Thirty.

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Maryellen D.

Good but not as quick paced as others in the series

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I loved this book! I laughed in this book the same way I did in the first few books of the series. Stephanie's relationship with Lula may drive me up a wall, I sometimes want to smother her as much as Stephanie does. My only wish is Stephanie taking charge for herself. Stephanie only seems to take charge of her life when someone else is in trouble. She only discovers what she can do when it is someone she loves. I enjoy the Plum's so much, I have them in multiple formats in my life. My biggest issue with Facebook is that cliffhanger! When is 31?!

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Natalie H.

Ok story. As always fantastic narration. We need a resolution to the Ranger/Morelli mess

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Jo Ann B.

I did not find the book very exciting and the narrator did not sound true to the area. Is there going to be a follow up or is the Morelli / Ranger issue going to go forever unanswered?

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