Absalom, Absalom!

Written by:
William Faulkner
Narrated by:
Grover Gardner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2008
12 hours 36 minutes
ABSALOM, ABSALOM! tells the story of Thomas Sutpen, the enigmatic stranger who came to Jefferson township in the early 1830s. With a French architect and a band of wild Haitians, he wrung a fabulous plantation out of the muddy bottoms of the north Mississippi wilderness.

Sutpen was a man, Faulker said, 'who wanted sons and the sons destroyed him.' His tragedy left its impress not only on his contemporaries but also on men who came after, men like Quentin Compson, haunted even into the 20th century by Sutpen's legacy of ruthlessness and singleminded disregard for the human community.
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Sandra H.

This is a very powerful book, but it takes a great deal of concentration to follow. The narrator is fine, though, as there are at least 5 narrators in the book, it's very hard to know who is speaking when you are doing anything other than just listening. It's certainly a classic, with deep Biblical and historical roots. Also, take it a bit at a time, as not everyone is telling the truth. It's the story of a family and a country as it survives and changes over a few generations. Recommended to be read with a club or someone with whom you can discuss the twists, turns and meanings. It's a book that requires work on your part.

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George J.

Oh, I liked the book a whole lot, but then, I really like Faulkner. He is not for everyone. Absalom Absalom is a difficult book. WF is one of those modern writers, like Conrad, V. Wolfe, Proust, and Joyce, who require your dedication. There is a knack to reading them with pleasure, and getting there requires patient effort. I would say it is worth the effort,but that may just be me. I should add that WF captures his part of the Deep South wonderfully.

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caryn doljanin

Absalom, Absalom! I enjoyed reading along with the narrator. The novel is somewhat difficult, but Grover Gardner's voice was perfect! It would have taken me twice as long to read it without audiobooks and Mr. Gardner's rich voice. The novel is a classic, and I am glad my Professor chose it for us to read.

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