Absolute Zero

Written by:
Chuck Logan
Narrated by:
J.K. Simmons

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2004
5 hours 29 minutes
On one of the coldest nights in Minnesota history, the difference between life and death is literally the blink of an eye for Phil Broker, until recently St. Paul's most successful undercover cop. That blink will convey the urgent warning of a comatose man who knows the dark truth binding Broker to a remarkable cast of characters -- a weary anesthesiologist, a brilliant surgeon, a wealthy novelist, his ex-wife (a reformed exotic dancer) and her unrepentant pimp.For Broker it all began when he agreed to take three big-city professionals on a canoeing trip across Minnesota's most remote lakes. One of the three is horribly injured in a freak October blizzard, and Broker embarks on a white-knuckle rescue against time and the elements, ending with a writer in a coma and his accountant dead. Suspicious of foul play, Broker follows a twisted trail of manipulation and revenge that leads back to the writer's beautiful wife -- and a ring of men caught in a deadly competition for her affections.
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Fast-moving, but not a very thought-provoking work. Pretty standard Chuck Logan.

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Martha MacDonald

Not the best book I have listened to lately but it was okay.

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Ed Jacques

I got this book based on some of the other reviews since this was my first experience with the author. I was somewhat misled. This could have been a much better book. Character development was weak at times, as was plot development. The author went from providing detail to rushing through as if he had run out of ideas on where to go next. It was an interesting story but could have been “real” interesting if the author would have thought it through and filled some gaps. But I have to say the narrator is what really turned me off this book. Way to dry and boring for me. Sounded like a 5th grader reading to his class. I felt like I was listening to someone narrate and autopsy. If I could I would give this 2.5 stars. Just didn’t get it for me…..to bad too. There was a good story in there somewhere.

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I guess if you like the 4 letter word you should read this book. I thought authors were susposed to be creative to keep their audience instead of the everyday *%!%& this and *%!%& that. I get so board with this kind of no thought writing. Think about it, it doen't take much thinking to use those everyday piece of trash words.

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Diane Didomenico

This was the first time for me with this author and I really enjoyed it! Looking forward listening to other books from him.

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Cheryl G

Well read. Great story line. Really puts you in the characters place, esp the guy in a coma!! Keeps you listening.

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Terri Cramer

Excellent listening. The time passed very quickly and I didn't want it to end. The reader was also enjoyable.

Absolute Zero
This title is due for release on August 3, 2004.

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Absolute Zero
This title is due for release on August 3, 2004
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Absolute Zero
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Absolute Zero

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