Across the Nightingale Floor: Tales of the Otori Book One

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2002
8 hours 27 minutes
A tour-de-force novel set in ancient Japan filled with passion, fantasy, and feuding warlords. The first volume in the highly anticipated 'Tales of the Otori' trilogy.Sixteen-year-old Takeo's village has been massacred by an evil warlord, and he is about to be slain by the men who murdered his parents and neighbors. At the last moment, his life is saved by a nobleman, who claims the boy as his kin and begins his education.But nothing is as it seems. Takeo discovers that he has rare powers that are useful to those around him. As he grows into manhood, he must decide where his loyalties lie: with his noble master and adoptive father; with the Hidden, a secret, spiritual sect whose beliefs are forbidden; or with the Tribe, the assassins and spies who consider him one of their own.A story of treachery, political intrigue, and the intensity of first love, set in a world ruled by formal ritual and codes of honor, Across the Nightingale Floor crosses genres, generations, and genders to captivate fans of all ages.
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Todd Lamb

Made me enjoy my long car rides even more. I loved the male reader. Very calming and mystical.

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Philip H.

Great book from start to finish, with lots of action, developed characters, culture, and potential for future stories. I just downloaded Book #2 of this four-part story. Male narration was excellent. Female narration was excellent most of the time, but occasionally would read her part very slowly.

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Hank F.

Loved this book. Beautiful use of language.

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Obi O.

I loved this book. Fascinating story. Loyalty, honor, love.

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This was absolutely beautiful. The narrators did a great job. I look forward to listening to the rest of the series.

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