Date: March 2020

Duration: 9 hours 6 minutes


In this captivating Depression-era set novel by New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe, two
couples find their grudges endangering more than their Alabama small town’s deceptive peace …

When good-time couple Milton and Yvonne Hamilton moved one house over from the respectable-but-restless
Odell and Joyce Watson, it was a fast friendship of shared secrets—and secret jealousies and betrayals. Their alliance
was bound to crash and burn, but the Hamiltons won’t quite let the flame die out, even after scandalous accusations
get them arrested …

Odell would do anything to be free of his bootlegging, blackmailing, money extorting neighbors and recover the
peaceful—and financially prosperous—life he and Joyce once had. But Milton and Yvonne seem to always bounce
back from bad luck, and this time they’ve returned angrier, and greedier, than ever. Determined to get what Odell
“owes” them, the Hamiltons have a big surprise for Joyce too, one that shows how far they will go to get revenge …

Now pushed past his breaking point, Odell is sure he’s got a foolproof plan to end the scheming once and for all.
But it soon spirals into lies, shattering violence, and permanent damage that will roil their tranquil community, and
alter his and Joyce’s world forever …


  • Dalicefaye

    I enjoyed the book. It made me think of an old saying, “you dig one ditch, you better dig two. The trap you set just maybe for you. I love Mary Monroe’s style of writing as well.

  • Anonymous

    Great book! The ending was everything!

  • Latoya L.

    Mary Monroe, did it again. She picked up where she left off, from the other books, One House Over and Over the Fence. Milton and Yvonne are back on their scamming, especially Odell. Odell, what a man....he squeezed his ass into Joyce's life, by lying and keeping up an image. I never would have thought Odell would go to the extremes to cover up his lies, but then again...I shouldn't have expected any less. Boy oh boy, ones image is everything, especially to men, they can't stand a bruised ego or will let their pride get in the way of everything. This book is everything. Somebody and something finally shut Joyce up, I hate that it was her own husband. You know the saying "watch the company you keep" I wonder what's the next series for Mary Monroe, I know it's gonna be good. #book12of2020 #bookworm #whatsnext

Across the Way

by Mary Monroe

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Across the Way, Mary Monroe
Across the Way, Mary Monroe
This title is due for release on March 31, 2020.

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Across the Way, Mary Monroe
This title is due for release on March 31, 2020
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Across the Way, Mary Monroe
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Across the Way, Mary Monroe

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