Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Twin Sisters IP

Date: January 2013

Duration: 0 hours 48 minutes


Improve math skills and test scores with songs that teach addition facts 0-18, the "Doubles Plus One" and the "Two More Than" strategies and more. These songs are great for classrooms are sure to get your kids interested in the basics of math. You will see sudden improvement in addition skills and comprehension with this album!
Track List:
1. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
2. It's A Home Run : Addition Facts 0, 1
3. The Island Of Learning : Addition Facts 2
4. The Two-More-Than Strategy : Addition Facts
5. I'm Jumpin' To The Beat Of The Music : Addition Facts 3
6. What Do You Say? : Addition Facts 4
7. The Fabulous Family Of Fives : Addition Facts 5
8. I'm Hooked : Addition Facts 6
9. Over And Over And Over Again : Addition Facts 7
10. While We Exercise : Addition Facts 8
11. It's Time To Review : Addition Facts 9
12. I'm Talkin' About Doubles : Addition Facts
13. Doubles Plus One : Addition Facts
Runtime: 47:46:00



by Twin Sisters Productions

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