The Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace

Written by:
John C. Duval
Narrated by:
Jack Sondericker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2014
7 hours 39 minutes
Wallace picked up the name Big-Foot while in a Mexican prison, because the prison attendants couldnt find a boot large enough to fit him. Not only was he large of foot but also of deeds. Big-Foot Wallace was an Indian-fighter, hunter, and Texas Ranger. Few men have witnessed as many stirring incidents, had more hair-breadth escapes, or gone through more of the hardships and perils of a border life than Big-Foot Wallace. He was a participant in almost every fight, foray and skirmish with the Mexicans and Indians that took place in Texas since he first landed on her shores in 1836.
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