Agent Q, or the Smell of Danger!: A Pals in Peril Tale

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2010
5 hours 8 minutes
Men in dark hats sneak up behind you. Eyes on portraits follow you.
Even the flowers in their pots turn
to track you as you pass by.
Nothing is safe!
No one can be trusted!
Having mopped up their last crime-fighting caper, our three heroes—Lily Gefelty, Katie Mulligan, and Jasper Dash, Boy Technonaut—are eager to get home. But the secret police in the war-torn realm of fantasy where the three kids are trapped (the state of Delaware) don’t want them going anywhere. Our dynamic trio knows way too much about the whereabouts of certain fabulous treasures to escape the grip of Delaware’s Ministry of Silence. So, chums, it’s a race to the border of New Jersey against spies and government agents and double-crossers. . . . That is, if our heroes want to make it home alive!
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