An Agent Zero Short Story (An Agent Zero Spy Thriller—Book 0.5)

An Agent Zero Short Story (An Agent Zero Spy Thriller—Book 0.5)

Written by:
Jack Mars
Narrated by:
Brian Callanan
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
0 hours 43 minutes
'You will not sleep until you are finished with AGENT ZERO. A superb job creating a set of characters who are fully developed and very much enjoyable. The description of the action scenes transport us into a reality that is almost like sitting in a movie theater with surround sound and 3D (It would make an incredible Hollywood movie). I can hardly wait for the sequel.' (Roberto Mattos, Books and Movie Reviews)

An Agent Zero Short Story is a 6,000 word original short story that is a must-listen complement to the number one best-selling Agent Zero Spy Thriller series, which begins with Agent Zero (Book 1), a free download with nearly 300 five-star reviews. It also serves as a standalone story and also as a great introduction for newcomers to the world of Agent Zero.

This original short story takes us back in time to show us how it all began. On a whirlwind, action-packed thriller ride through Italy, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, it shows us the beginning of CIA operative Agent Zero's career - and brings us up to the fateful moment when his memory came to be lost.

The Agent Zero spy thriller series takes us on an action thriller across Europe as presumed-CIA operative Kent Steele (AKA Agent Zero), hunted by terrorists, by the CIA, and by his own identity, must solve the mystery of who is after him, of the terrorists' pending target - and of the beautiful woman he keeps seeing in his mind. Kent Steele, 38, a brilliant professor of European History at Columbia University, lives a quiet life in a New York suburb with his two teenage daughters. All that changes when late one night he gets a knock on his door and is abducted by three terrorists - and finds himself flown across the ocean to be interrogated in a basement in Paris. They are convinced that Kent is the most lethal spy the CIA has ever known. He is convinced they have the wrong man. Do they? With a conspiracy around him, adversaries as smart as he is, and an assassin on his tail, the wild game of cat and mouse leads Kent on a perilous road - one that may lead back to Langley - and to a shocking discovery of his own identity.

The Agent Zero series comprise a series of unputdownable espionage thrillers that will keep you listening into the night.

Also available is Jack Mars' number one best-selling Luke Stone Thriller series (seven books), which begins with Any Means Necessary (Book 1), a free download with over 800 five-star reviews!

©2020 Jack Mars (P)2020 Jack Mars
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Great read for a short thriller

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It very much peaks your interest….now I want to hear more /what happens next with Agent Zero. Very well written.

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Good story with twists. Well read

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Victor P.

Action-packed, fast moving, short story with good detail and well narrated. For me spoiled by the ending, which approaches science fiction. It does make the listener to wonder what actually hapens next.

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Alistair M.

Great short story. Makes me want to listen to more books from this series. Just hope the same narrator has been used as think he’s one of the best I’ve heard so far

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I love this genre, however I didn’t enjoy this book. Not quite sure what it was but I couldn’t get into it from the start. Usually as a reader, you get pulled into the story. Not me, not this time.

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