Alan Bennett: At The BBC

Written by:
Alan Bennett
Narrated by:
Alan Bennett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2004
2 hours 35 minutes
'I tend to think of myself as a man of few words, but looking at this collection it seems to have been gab gab gab for the last thirty years'. Admittedly not all the words are his own - but even the work of other writers can be transformed by Alan Bennett. This unique anthology of Bennett's BBC radio and television work features extracts from his diaries and readings, as well as tributes to friends Russell Harty and Peter Cook. He recollects his early memories of Leeds, reads his favourite children's stories (most of which he only discovered as an adult) and reveals his first and only true comedy performance. He talks about the business of being a writer and muses on language, television, the theatre and his abiding interest in art and architecture. With an introduction and specially recorded links by Alan Bennett, this collection is essential listening for fans of one of Britain's best-loved authors and storytellers.
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