The Alibi

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Sandra Brown

Narrated By: Dylan Baker

Publisher: Random House (Audio)

Date: July 2000

Duration: 6 hours 0 minutes


Born into a fine old Charleston family, Hammond Cross is determined to be the city's next district attorney-without sacrificing his integrity. Prosecuting the sensational murder of real estate magnate Lute Pettijohn could be his ticket into the office. Yet while Hammond anticipates his success, someone near him is plotting his downfall--

Steffi Mundell, colleague, ex-lover, and rival for the DA's office--Rory Smilow, the homicide detective without equal and Hammond's avowed enemy--the wily and beautiful Davee Pettijohn, Lute's widow and Hammond's lifelong friend, who's too honest to mourn the husband she despised--and Hammond's prime suspect, the mysterious woman who shares the secret that would be fatal to Hammond's ambitions.

For the first time in his career, he's bending the rules in favor of the suspect. All clues point to her guilt. Yet she holds in reserve the perfect alibi-Hammond Cross.


  • Anonymous

    Not her best. Story started out so slow it was hard to keep listening but then picked up and became a good story. I wasn't a fan of the narrator.

  • Diane Needleman

    I enjoyed this story although it was predicable. I listened when I should have been doing other things which shows that the 'who done it' story got me thoroughly involved. Well read.

  • Anonymous

    The characters were too predictable. You could almost figure out the ending half way through the book. I was disappointed. Perhaps the unabridged version is more exciting.

  • Anonymous

    Started a bit slow but really picked up and was a good read (listen). Twisting and not a bit predictable.

  • Tersia Robinson

    Very good. Keep me listening non stop until the end. I would never have guessed the ending and thats what I like in a book. Highly recommend

  • Anonymous

    If you want to listen to a good Sandra Brown book, rent Envy. It is excellent. Alibi is not so excellent. It was so cheesy and even though it wasn't completly predictable, I knew that 1 of the 3 main characters was the murder. I couldn't wait for this selection to end.

  • Helen Medlock

    It was an unusual twist with lifelong friends and ambition at stake. Rory Smilow is a sinster character with a secret that keeps him to be perfect in assessing the crime scene. So many hated the richest man in town who did not care who he hurt as long as he comes out on top. The one thing he did not count on was to be murdered at the local hotel. The case takes many twists with you guessing right to the end who really did the crime. Steffi and Hammond both tackle the case from both personal stand point and professional. Secrets in every avenue add to the plot. Highly recommended for the person who likes mysteries.

  • Walter Stephens

    Very good book. This one kept you guessing the whole time. I really liked the ending.

  • Daparoye

    Sanda Brown's books can be hit or miss but this one was a hit. I so enjoyed the characters and story twists. This was a nice blend of romance and suspense and after the book was over I thought, "Who thinks up this stuff?!" I would reccommend this book.

  • Anonymous

    Just enough mystery and romance to make for great reading entertainment. Another good job by Sandra Brown.


by Sandra Brown

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Alibi, Sandra Brown