Alive Day: A Story of Love and Loyalty

Written by:
Tom Sullivan
Narrated by:
Tom Sullivan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
5 hours 40 minutes
Based on a true story, Alive Day is an inspiring, affirming tale about a troubled Marine and a big-hearted Labrador who shows him the power of love, loyalty, and truly living.

A Marine's 'Alive Day' celebrates the survival after an almost certain death. It's a time of hope and joy. But Antwone Carver isn't celebrating. Home from war but not quite whole, Antwone's having trouble dealing with his new physical limitations.

Psychiatrist Brenden McCarthy can relate. He thought he'd lost everything when he was blinded in a mountain climbing accident. But with God's help, he's now living a satisfying life and feels called to help Antwone do the same. The problem is, he's hit one dead end after another trying to reach this bitter young Marine.

Enter Brenden's big-hearted and courageous black Labrador, Nelson. With boundless energy, contagious optimism, and a big heart, Nelson shows them both what it means to live a truly abundant life.

Praise for Alive Day:

'Characters you will savor and cherish. Unforgettable.' —Betty White

- Full-length inspirational novel
- Perfect for pet lovers who enjoy stories of hope, optimism, and trust
- The journey Brenden began in the heartwarming novel Together continues with Alive Day
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