Alkaline Diet for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Lose Weight, Cleansing Your Body, Fighting Chronic Diseases, and Improving Your Lifestyle with the Alkaline Diet

Written by:
Laura Haworth
Narrated by:
Susan Piper

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
1 hour 55 minutes
Have you been struggling with weight loss and different health problems for what seems like an eternity and wish to turn things around but have never really found an approach that allows you to achieve just that?
And have you recently come across some information that suggests that acidity could be increasing your chances of suffering from different diseases, including struggling with weight and wish to know more about this approach to better health and fast weight loss?
If you’ve answered YES, keep reading…
You Are About To Discover Exactly How You Can Leverage The Power Of An Alkaline Diet To Turn Your Health And Weight Issues Around From Inside Out!
More and more people are increasingly discovering the countless benefits that come with the alkaline diet and why it is necessary to avoid or reduce the intake of acid-forming foods. But despite that realization that there is definitely something wrong with the foods we eat, many people still don’t understand what it involves, how it works and how it all ends up bringing the different benefits.
Here’s a tiny bit of what you’ll discover:
• What the alkaline diet is all about, including how it works, what it entails, the purpose of the diet and more
• How the alkaline diet can improve your health and bring about fast weight loss
• How to reduce acidity in your body with simple tips
• A 7-day meal plan that you can follow to achieve the best results
• The difference between pH in the urine, blood, saliva and how to measure it
• How to stick to the 80/20 rule to make the most of the diet
…And so much more!
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