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All Hallows' Eve

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: August 2017

Duration: 9 hours 15 minutes


OF GHOSTS AND GARDENS: Enid talks to the ghost in her garden, which results in a severe lack of friends and suitors. But when charming Burke Kennard wants to find out more about her resident ghost, will a friendly specter pull them apart?

IT'S YOU: Charlie and Anna both see the ghost of Nanny Mae and uncover family secrets that kept apart two people in love. Now, they must right the wrongs of the past if they're to have love in their own futures.

SOPHIA'S CURSE: Joan has always believed she was an orphan until the mysterious Simon informs her she's part of a decades old curse that can only be broken if she makes an enormous sacrifice. If she refuses, both her and Simon will lose everything-including their lives.

THE SIRENS' SONG: Oliver is haunted by his wife's death and when he accidentally falls overboard, he's taken to a mystical island where, through a siren's song, he can relive all his memories of his wife. But can he sacrifice his best memory in exchange for one last chance to say goodbye?

THE MAN OF HER DREAMS: Alexandra is good at her detective job because she dreams about real murders before they happen. She's never had the chance to save the victim before-until one dream features her old boyfriend Nick. She must find a way to reach him before it's too late.

THE GHOST OF MILLHOUSE MANSION: Naomi agrees to help reclusive, rich, and handsome Colt Jennings restore an old wooden rocking horse, but when the mansion has ghosts that vanish into thin air, Naomi may have to rethink the offer and her feelings about the man who made it.


All Hallows' Eve

by Jordan McCollum, Annette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Elana Johnson, Sarah M. Eden, Lisa Mangum

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All Hallows' Eve, Jordan McCollum, Annette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Elana Johnson, Sarah M. Eden, Lisa Mangum